Surface Pro 2 vs Surface Pro 3 – Comparison of Specs and Features

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Microsoft has released the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in the month of June 2014.

The device is a successor to the earlier released Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Both these tablets have impressed the masses. However, both these tablets have come in direct competition with each other in the market. This has perplexed the potential buyer as both perform exceptionally well. Find below a comparison between the two, in terms of specs and features to help the potential buyer make a knowledgeable decision.


Microsoft has designed the Surface Pro 2 and the Pro 3 to be portable, thin, light and powerful tablets. However, the Pro 3 tablet is much thinner, larger and lighter than the Surface Pro 2 tablet. The Pro 3 is dimensioned as 11.5 inches in height, 7.93 inches in width and 0.36 inches in thickness in comparison to the 10.81 inches of height, 6.81 inches of width and 0.53 inches of thickness of the Pro 2 tablet.

The Pro 3 weighs approximately 700 grams in comparison to the 800 grams weight of the Surface Pro 2 tablet.

The Pro 3 comes in magnesium colored silver casing, whereas the Pro 2 comes in a dark titanium body.


The Pro 3 boasts of a bigger screen at 12 inches with full HD display as compared to the 10.6 inches screen of the Pro 2 tablet.

The Pro 3 also has an enhanced pixel rating at 2160 x 1440 pixels in comparison to the 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution of the Pro 2 tablet. However, in real time use, both do not show much of a difference.

The Pro 3 can display three apps simultaneously in comparison to the two apps display of the Pro 2 tablet.


Microsoft claims the Pro 3 to be the thinnest Intel Core tablet ever made. However, the company has managed to provide the device with an Intel Core i7 chipset.

The Pro 2 supports a 4th generation Intel Core i5 chipset.

The Pro 3 tablet comes in i3, i5 or i7 variants to suit the different requirements of the user.


The Pro 3 comes with a better battery life comparable to that of the Pro 2. The battery life of Pro 3 lasts up to eight hours in comparison to the six hours battery life of the Pro 2 tablet.


The Pro 3 tablet has almost all the features as provided in its predecessor, the Pro 2 tablet. The features range from microSD card reader, Mini Display Port jacks, USB 3 port to headphone. The device also comes with a kickstand with the ability to lie back up to an angle of 150 degrees.

The Pro 3 comes with front facing Dolby speakers that have been enhanced up to 48% in comparison to its predecessor. The Pro 3 is also equipped with a natural stylus.

The latest and updated Pro 3 comes off better in the Pro 2 versus Pro 3 comparison. The Pro 3 tablet is more refined whereas; the Pro 2 is also a great contender giving other tablets a run for their money. Both these tablets are priced exorbitantly.


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