Surface Pro 2 vs. Surface Pro 3 – Comparison of Features and Specs

This is a comparison between the Surface Pro 2, against its successor, the Surface Pro 3, to determine what new features and specs, Microsoft offers, with its flagship tablet.

Microsoft launched the surface Pro 3 tablet in June 2014, with a punch line ‘tablet that can replace your laptop’. Nonetheless, according to a bold statement made by the company that made a claim with its predecessor, the Surface 2 is ‘a tablet that’s got it all’. However, let us compare the two to determine whether the Pro 3 stands up to the claims made by the company and how improved it is, against the Surface Pro 2 tablet.


The most apparent difference between the Pro 2 and the Pro 3 tablet comes in their displays. The company started with making a change in the aspect ratio from 16:9 of the Pro 2 tablet to 3:2 aspect ratio of the Pro 3 tablet. The screen has been enhanced from 10.6 inches of the Pro 2 to the 12 inches equipped in the Pro 3 tablet.

However, the pixel density has not undergone a dramatic change. The Pro 2 tablet came with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels offering pixel density of 207-ppi. In comparison, the Pro 3 has a slightly better resolution of 2160 x 1440 and a pixel density of 216-ppi. Both the devices offer clear and sharp screens.

One more plus point is the Pro 3’s ability to output to a 4k display through its mini-DisplayPort. In comparison, the Pro 2 was restricted to a Full HD display.


  • Kickstand Position

Those who have used the Surface Pro tablet would be happy to know that Microsoft has made considerable improvements to the kickstand. The Pro 2 came with dual kickstand positions that were a relief for the Surface Pro users. However, with the Pro 3 kickstand, you can adjust the tablet to not one, not two, but multiple positions suiting your requirements. This is a much-required upgrade that makes the Pro 3 tablet more practical and superior than its predecessors.

  • Type Cover

The Type Cover keyboards mark two major differences between the Pro 2 and the Pro 3 tablets. The first difference is the Pro 3 being equipped with a larger touchpad and an improved clicking experience.

The second difference is the Pro 3 being equipped with a raised and sloping typing position. However, it can still be used flat against the surface, similar to that of the Pro 2 tablet.

  • Size

Looking at the Pro 3 tablet, you can easily assume that the bigger screen comes at a compromise – bulky body of the Pro 3 tablet. The Pro 3 tablet is 24mm taller and 53mm wider than the Pro 2 tablet.

On the contrary, the Pro 3 has impressed with its thinner and lighter body as compared to the Pro 2 tablet. The Pro 3 sheds away 4.4mm in thickness and 100 grams of weight.

The Pro 2 measures 247mm x 173mm x 13.5mm in stature, breadth and thickness respectively. It weighs around 900 grams. In comparison, the Pro 3 measures 290mm x 201mm x 9.1mm in stature, breadth and thickness. The device weighs around 800 grams.


The stylus has been improved dramatically in the Pro 3 tablet. Now, it comes with a feature of taking notes despite the device being locked or on the sleeping mode. You can write the note on the screen and it will be saved in the tablet when the Pro 3 tablet wakes up.

The stylus has also undergone improvements in its build quality. Now, it comes in an all aluminium body catering the stylus with a premium feel. The button on the top of the pen provides the user with a multitude of shortcuts.

Specifications – Processor, Storage and RAM

Some big changes under the hood of the Pro 3 cater the user with three variants of Intel Haswell processor – i3, i5 and i7. In comparison, the Pro 2 was available in Core i5 variant only.

Both devices are available in 4GB and 8GB RAM options. Both devices have storage capacity choices ranging from 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB, which is dependent on your choice of the processor.

In comparison, the 1.6GHz Core i5 processor powers the Surface Pro 2 tablet.


The Surface Pro 2’s 1.2MP sensor with 720p HD video has boosted to 5MP 1080p HD video quality of the Pro 3 tablet.

Battery Life

Microsoft claims that the Pro 3 tablet is equipped with enhanced battery life as compared to the Pro 2 tablet.


Surface Pro 3 comes with enhanced features, core specs and bigger screen size.

However, price is a stumbling hump here. The Pro 3 is exorbitantly priced, considering that the tablet does not come with a free kickstand. That is extra expenditure to be borne by the potential buyer.

Keeping the price aside, the Pro 3 is a better prospect in every respect.

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