Subway Surfers vs Temple Run 2 vs Minion Rush – Most Popular Game Comparison

This type of game can be played on smartphones and tablets and is very absorbing. You need to be fully concentrated when attempting to play such games because they are based and rely on fast reflexes. You won’t be able to play this game if you’re already doing something else, like watching TV for example. The back bone for these games is pretty much the same. These “running games”, as they are called, give you the objective of running on a vertical line, and trying to run as much as possible to obtain high scores. These games are very popular and can become very addictive.

Minion Rush

This game takes the characters from the animated movie Despicable Me, and brings them into the mobile game world. In this game, you control a minion and have to jump over, or avoid obstacles like electrical wires, glass panels or cars, to run as far as possible. The game background takes you all over the place, from the rollercoaster-type scene of the science lab, all the way to the neighborhood environment of the suburbia, while getting sucked in by the cool cinematic soundtrack that the game provides. A few flaws with this game can occur while playing, such as poor touch response, which is pretty much essential in smartphone games, and a bigger problem, the fact that it always requires you to download additional data. Your mobile data plan has to suffer quite a lot from this, so there’s that.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers showcases vibrant and lively colors, with background from all around the world, as you run through the subways of some of the most beautiful cities in the world, like Tokio or Rio de Janeiro. The characters are nicely done, with cool colors and animations, making the game a delight to play. The music is also an important factor, as it gives you a little extra something, that makes the game even better. Jumping from one train to another is easy and fun, thanks to the high response rate of the game, when you touch the screen

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is the game that started the running game trend, being the first of its kind. Even though the first, it is also the best. And as good as the first Temple Run is, the second one is even better. The music you can hear in games like Minion Rush or Subway Surfers has been replaced with jungle drums and choirs. The obstacles you have to overcome in this game are much more relevant and easy, such as rocks, fire, or razor blades. All these details absorb you into that jungle adventure type feeling. The sounds are very realistic, as you can hear some grunts when your character is jumping, and even hear his accelerated breath.

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