Subway Surfers vs. Temple Run 2 – Contrasts and Similarities

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If you are talking about the top endless running games in the app stores, you will find both Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2 mentioned.

Here, we will analyze both the games and check out the details of what they have to offer.

The Plot of the Game

The underlying plot is roughly same in both the games. While there are significant differences in the user interface, you will see that the main plot revolves around piling more coins and running away from the demon (Temple Run 2) and the policeman (Subway Surfers).

The coins are scattered on the roads and you need to move swiftly and carefully to collect them. Further, both games will offer you power – ups that help you score better. You will find similar power – ups in both games as the coin magnet allows you to pile larger number of coins.

The Gaming Interface

The interface is entirely different and there is no similarity as such. Temple Run 2 takes you through meandering valleys, cliffs and mountains. You will also find tunnels and even rivers on your journey. There is some breathtaking natural scenery on the way and high overgrown trees as well. There are broken cliffs that increase the difficulty level and the entire track comprises more of an outback.

Subway Surfers has a more colorful interface as you need to jump over trains and run on tracks. You can also get air borne for some time when you get the jetpack power – up but overall, you end up running on tracks and in open atmosphere.

If you compare the interface, you will find that Subway Surfers has more color and flair than Temple Run 2. However this doesn’t make Temple Run 2 any less attractive. The color and vibrancy offered by Temple Run 2 suits the tempo of its plot.

Scoring Pattern

While some people may have different opinion, it is generally observed that Temple Run 2 is easier when it comes to scoring. If you compare your highest score in both the games, you are likely to have a much higher score in Temple Run 2. The score increases at a tremendous speed when you are collecting coins.

The score in Subway Surfer remains largely independent of the coins you are piling up. However, you can always make use of the keys to extend your game even after you have failed. Even the hover boards can turn out to be an excellent choice for saving your life.

The Final Verdict

It is therefore hard to put one game above the other because despite being somewhat similar, both these games have an identity of their own. You are free to choose the one which you would like to play and then you can enjoy it. As Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are available for free download, there is no harm in trying your hand at both the games and then passing your own verdict.

However, you might end up getting addicted to both these games.

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