Subway Surfers – Top Tricks and Tips to Not Get Caught

Subway Surfers is an Android and iOS video game that is not only entertaining, but also challenging.

Gamers are required to overcome the obstacles they find along the way and still manage to avoid the inspector, along with his dog.

As a player, you will have to spray paint as you move around the train yard and at the same time avoid obstacles and trains you run into. Here are a few tricks, tips and cheats that will help you rack up high scores and not be caught by the guard.

When playing, always remember that Subway Surfers is always being updated. As such, there is possibility that not all Subway Surfers tips, cheats and tricks will work.

How to Get a Miami Special Surfing Board Free

Take your device and change the time and date to May 30 2013. Start the game and then go to the Boards Sections. You will see your Miami Special Board.

How to Use the Jetpack to Jump High

Get a Jetpack the wear it. Fly around with the Jetpack until it is out of fuel; then quickly swipe up after grabbing the remaining icon. You should be able to jump, when in mid air. This can even get you to land above a train.

How to Buy Other Characters

If you want to purchase other characters, you will have to change the dates on your device. Each character will have a different date:

-Flamingo and Nick: May 30, 2013

-Cherry Hoverboard: May 27, 2013

-Fortune and Harumi: May 4, 2013

-Outback and Kim: April 5, 2013

-Chicky and Egg Hunt: March 1, 2013

-Kick-Off and Roberto: February 28, 2013

-Toucan and Carmen: January 30, 2013

-Liberty and Tony: January 5, 2013

-Starboard and Elf Tricky: December 1, 2013

-Zombie Jake: October 3, 2013

How to Change the Jetpack’s Smoke Direction

To do this, you require a Bouncer hoverboard. Turn the Bouncer hoverboard on; then, immediately pick the jetpack up. This trick is best suited for a jetpack that has been upgraded.

How to Make the Hoverboard Invisible

Start playing and then die after some seconds. Just before you die, turn on Mega Headstart by clicking on it. You will start flying backwards. Once you land, turn the hoverboard on, and it will become invisible.  You may have to try out this trick a couple of times before it works.

How to Make Your Jetpack Fly As If It Were a Hoverboard

Grab your hoverboard then turn it. At the same time as the hoverboard ends, pick up the jetpack up.

Warning: This trick is not easy.

Tips for Subway Surfers Players

  1. When faced with obstacles, try your best to stay above them.
  2. When you run into trains, you avoid obstacles.
  3. Familiarize with the power-ups and hoverboards that are available in the game.
  4. Take as many coins as you possibly can at the beginning of the game. These coins will make it possible for you to purchase other items.
  5. Always remember to upgrade the Super Sneaker and Multiplier power-ups as well as the jetpack.

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