Subway Surfers New Theme – Enhance Your Love for Miami

In the current world of couch potatoes winning thousands of miles of endless running, the application subway surfers has been persistent to add an enhanced liveliness, color and radiance to its settings unlike the monotonous buildings and forests in comparison.

Now, all you Surfers Fanatics have more reasons to hit lesser sleep and more jumping around with the Miami themed features of the Game. The developers have already added themes like, Mumbai, Beijing, Mexico, Paris, Moscow, New York, Seoul, London, Rio De Janeiro, and Vancouver. A new city is also being added to the big collection on a monthly basis. The game is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The game requires its users to jump and leap past big obstacles generated at random and hop onto trains and railing and survive along with the character chosen.

What is Miami Theme

Subway Surfers version 1.81.1 has gone live in the Google Play Store and it features The World Tour: Miami Theme. The Miami theme is completely new and rejuvenating in its radiance, attire and attitude.

Windows Phone

For all those Windows Phone users weeping and wailing over the exclusive features disabling the normal fast run of things and challenges, the solution is sought, complete and ensures a lucrative option to all its users as of now. And, Windows phone for the first time, has been confirmed as the third platform that Game authorities are willing to release the Game on the initial day, along with iOS and Android.

New Collectibles

The new version brings forth vibrantly colorful collectibles exclusive and boasting Miami. The pretty and pink Flamingos, lush green palm trees, apple green trains and the overall ‘pink’ look signifies that the Miami faith of freedom in bright.

New Outfits

The new version also brings forth attractive new, radiant, flowery and funky hipster outfits for Tasha and Nick.

Weekly Challenges

The weekly flamingo challenges now have a pinker tone to it, ensuring the diehard fanatics to avail the latest of the updates, goodies, freebies and bonuses.


This version is not compatible with anyone using 512 MB RAM as this game strictly needs 1 GB RAM and refuses to download on other devices.

Future Additions

Game developers have also confirmed the release of another character, Olivia, the enthusiastic Girl Scout, who is strong and challenging to the hindrances. She also comes with the jackpot of gorgeous new outfits and challenges. She is part of the Vancouver Release.

Users of the phones Nokia Lumia 520, 620,625 and 720 will simply have to resort to the mundane running till the RAM issue is rightly adjusted for the sake of the game fanatics which is in millions. Kiloo and SYBO games have merged to provide better and enhanced user experience to Windows Users after the long months of depression of the incapability of a million users to get Santa off their trail.

However, all that is part of history. Now go RUN in Pink of Health until eternity!

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