Some Interesting Features of Google Maps worth Knowing

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Google Maps powered by Google is one of the most popular tools used today, when one is on the road.

This wonderful web mapping app can be used on both computers and smartphones. While it cannot accurately depict areas surrounding the poles, it is widely used for other functions such as street maps, satellite imagery, route planner and street view perspectives. Needless to say, Google Maps is an ideal source of guidance irrespective of the mode of transport. In other words, this mapping service can guide you during any mode of travel. The following are a few of the many wonderful features of this mapping service that have proved to be quite helpful.    

Measurement of Distance

This interesting feature of Google Maps helps you calculate the distance between any two points. You can get to know how far one place is from another in terms of miles and feet. This calculation is simple and can be done using a few simple steps. Launch the mapping service and right click your starting place. Next, click on the destination on the map. The search box near the map lists the distance between the two places. It is interesting to note that you can add more than one measuring point at a time.

Lane Guidance

This attribute is more widely used on smartphones than on computers, as it is most beneficial when you are on the move. When you are driving to your destination, this Google Maps feature will guide you on the road you should continue driving or change to if there is a need for the same. All you have to do to avail the on-the-road instructions is to look up for directions from your starting point to the ending point, and tap the car icon.

Offline Access of Google Maps for Specific Areas

This feature allows you to label and store your maps for future use. You can access these maps accessed at a later date without Internet access whenever you need them. These maps can represent either a general location or a specific neighborhood. Remember that the time taken to save the Google Maps image offline depends on how large the area is.

Specifying Departure and Arrival Times

You will find this aspect of Google Mapstruly obliging if you rely a lot on public transportation to get to one place from another. Once you provide your source and destination for public transportation details, arrival and departure times for buses and trains in that route and according to your schedule will be provided. For a specific time of the day, you can also select the date and time to obtain the arrival and departure times. This feature also helps you understand the timing of the last bus or train in that route.

Search for Businesses

Are you doing a long drive and looking for a café or restaurant where you can break the journey to refresh yourself? Once again, Google Maps can come to your rescue. With this web mapping service, you can search for various eateries in your route along with their hours of operation, price and rating by other visitors.

The above are just a few of the most widely used features of Google Maps that make it worthwhile installing the tool on both your computer and smartphone. Moreover, the data are revamped periodically and made up to date so that you are not provided obsolete information.   

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