Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S – Specifications, Features and Price Comparison

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With smartphones taking the world by storm, more and more people are turning towards either Android or iPhone.

While both categories have many similar apps, it is worth noting that each type caters to different classes of people. Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S are the key players representing Android and iPhones in today’s world. Let us make a comparative study of both these phones to determine which of the two phones is a better choice.

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone5S – Design

Like almost all iPhones, the iPhone 5S is much smaller than the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 is large and has a plastic frame with a removable cover and dimpled texture while the iPhone5S is hard and small to feel. The rear of the iPhone cannot be removed.In fact, the Galaxy S5 does not fit well into a small pocket. Overall, it is so big that you may need both hands to operate your phone. In other words, if you are holding the Galaxy S5 with one hand, you may need your hand to reach all parts of the screen. On the other hand, the compact size of iPhone 5S allows you to use the phone with just one hand. The Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly heavier too although both are lightweight if you compare them with their counterparts. The display is also bigger in Galaxy S5, which renders a better viewing experience, especially if you are using your smartphone to watch movies.

However, the Galaxy S5 has its own advantages too. The removable back cover helps you have control over the battery. If you are carrying a spare battery with you, you can replace it yourself. The sealed back is a drawback with iPhone 5S. The sealed back makes it difficult to remove the battery if you have to do so. You will often have to take the phone to the nearest service center.

Yet another scoring factor for the Galaxy S5 is that it is waterproof. The rubber seals on the USB flap and inside the battery cover protect the phone. However, this feature is something that is totally lacking in the iPhone 5S.The ports tend to stop functioning properly if they are exposed to moisture.

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone5S –Scanner, Storage,RAM, and Camera

Both the phones are among the first of the few phones to provide fingerprint scanners. They are located in similar positions on both the phones. The Galaxy S5 uses a natural ID based scanner requiring you to swipe a finger across the sensor in the phone when you want to use the scanner. The TouchID scanner in iPhone 5S is simpler and easier to use, with you having to just input a digit that your phone recognizes. However, the Galaxy S5 scanner has proved to be more versatile as it can be used in apps and for validating PayPal payments. The flip side of the iPhone 5S is that its scanner can be used only for unlocking your phone or authorizing purchases from iTunes.

On the storage front, the Galaxy S5 comes with a card slot and comparatively less internal memory compared to the iPhone 5S.The most widely available version is the 16GB model, although there are a few 32GB phones too. The iPhone 5S does not have a card slot, but it is obtainable in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. The prices also vary for each version with the 64GB version being the costliest. As far as the specs are concerned, the Galaxy S5 has double the RAM of the iPhone 5S and is at 2GB.

With a 16-megapixel sensor, the Galaxy S5 has undoubtedly a higher resolution camera when compared to the iPhone 5S with its 8-megapixel camera. Although both the phones can take good photographs in low light, the results are a bit grainier with the iPhone S5.

Both the smartphones have good features making the decision to choose one phone over the other. If you are looking for a compact-sized phone, then iPhone 5S is a good choice. However, if you are looking for a great viewing experience, then the Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly your best bet.              

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