Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8) vs LG G2 – Prices and Specs Comparison

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Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S5 is one of the top smartphones on the market. The South Korean tech giant has been praising their newest Galaxy S handset for having a powerful battery and battery life saving capabilities. Seeing how the device has a great processor and a large screen, you would think that drains the battery life. Let’s see exactly how the Samsung Galaxy S5 does in the battery category. After all, it’s a very important aspect when looking for a new smart device.

GSMArena thought to make this easy on us and made a test on Galaxy S5’s battery. They didn’t however use any battery saving features and went for a standard test. We can see that the handset has a battery with a capacity of 2800 mAh which means that Samsung did improve on this aspect: the Galaxy S4 had a battery of 2600 mAh.

The tests concluded that the Samsung Galaxy S5 can last up to 21 hours of talking time (3G). That makes it better than the Galaxy Note 3 by three hours, better than the HTC One (M8) by one hour but actually inferior to the LG G2 by four hours.

With Wi-Fi on, the smartphone managed to get a good time of 9 hours and a half while surfing the web. Again, beat HTC One (M8), but was worse than the LG G2.

In the video chapter, HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5 is doing about the same: 11 hours. But LG G2 manages to be in front of them.

When browsing the web (Wi-Fi connection), Samsung’s handset lasted 9 hours and 30 minutes which is better than what HTC One (M8) managed, but again, worse than the LG G2.

When streaming a video, the Galaxy S5 allowed for 11 hours of watching, which makes it about the same with the HTC One (M8) with the LG G2 lasting longer than both.

When you compare the Galaxy S5 with its predecessor, you can see that the bump in the battery capacity translates in two more hours of talking time/ browsing.


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