Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Blackberry Z30 – Specifications and Pricing Compared

The Blackberry Z30 is one of the latest devices to come from the Canadian manufacturer and it will be going up against the Samsung Galaxy S5, which came out only a few months ago.

In comparison, the Z30 came out in October 2013 – almost 12 months ago. Yet, it can compete with the Galaxy S5 in in more than one way.


In terms of design, the Galaxy S5 is oriented towards lightness while the BlackBerry focuses more on premium quality. As a result, the BlackBerry is slightly heavier at 170 g. A major feature of the Galaxy S5 is its ability to withstand dust and water to a certain extent. Even though this has involved extra focus in several areas of the device, it is still extremely light at 145 g. However, the plastic feeling does not appear to go away from the Samsung device even with the use of a leather-like cover at the back.


The Samsung phones at the top end of the segment have always been praised for their slim bezels. This aspect continues in the Galaxy S5 as well. Because of the slim bezels, this phone is able to feature a 5.1 inch display. It is slightly larger than the 5 inch display on the Z30, but the differences, especially in terms of resolution, are huge. The BlackBerry uses the slightly older 720p display compared with the full HD display of the Galaxy S5.

This results in a pixel density difference of more than 100 PPI. The BlackBerry, however, reduces itself with excellent contrast ratios and saturation levels. This is largely due to the Super AMOLED technology used in the display.


Samsung has never been found wanting in the memory department due to the plethora of options available for the buyer. They continue in the Galaxy S5 with 16 and 32 GB options in the internal memory, but the biggest feature comes in the support for memory cards up to 128 GB. While the BlackBerry Z30 does not offer alternatives in internal memory – only one version with 16 GB, it does provide excellent memory card support. Even here, it is marginalized by the Galaxy S5 since the BlackBerry supports only up to 64 GB memory cards.

The camera has been improved substantially on the Galaxy S5 with the 13 megapixel sensor on the Galaxy S4 being replaced by this 16 megapixel camera. This cannot be compared with the eight megapixel camera on the Z30, especially in terms of quality. Features are also much greater on the Samsung device. Many of those features will make this device future proof – at least for the next few years. They include the likes of 4K video recording and the ability to shoot videos and pictures at the same time.

Backed by a 2800 mAh battery, the Galaxy S5 is more than capable of delivering 24 hours of battery life of a single charge. The Z30 has a battery rated at 2880 mAh with battery life being almost similar.

The BlackBerry Z30 at $395 while the Galaxy S5 – after the recent price drops – is priced at around $540.

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