Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – A Closer Look

Judging from the number of mobile phones Samsung releases every year, it will not be very long before everyone owns at least one Samsung gadget. Currently, there are about three hundred and fifty Samsung models in the market, ranging from phones, tablets and even cameras among many other items.

When it comes to Samsung phones, the Galaxy versions are predominant in the market. Following the release of the Galaxy S5 from Samsung, there are rumors that Galaxy S5 Zoom, S5 Active and the S5 Mini will be released as well. While it is not known whether the Zoom and Active models will exist or not, there is news about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. The release dates are not known, but it is believed that the phone may be released any time before the end of June, 2014.

Everything Known about the New Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

The Design

While no one has seen the S5 Mini till date, it is believed that like its predecessor, it will come in a plastic build. This is mainly because Samsung is not known to use metallic casings for its devices. The rear is likely to maintain the dimpled surface, but may lack the metal finish present in the S5.

It is hoped that the mini version of the S5 will also come with IP67 rating, dust and water resistance. It may also retain the heart rate and fingerprint monitoring applications, even though this is highly unlikely.

The only downside may be the battery feature. This is judged from the fact that mini versions of such high-end smartphones mostly lack in this area.

The Screen

When Samsung Galaxy S4 was released, it lacked in the screen department with its 4.3 inch screen, which does not support HD resolution. However, this has been corrected with the S5 Mini. Based on the experts who managed to get their hands on the full specs, the Samsung galaxy S5 Mini comes with a 4.5 SUPER AMOLED, 720p resolution display. While this is still not full HD, it puts this Mini phone in the same league as the Xperia Z1 Compact from Sony. As it is with all other Samsung phones, the screen is expected to be bright and colorful.

The Power

Power has never been a problem for all the other Galaxy Mini phones. While it is not yet known about the processor of S5 Mini, it is expected to be a SnapDragon affair, much like the S4 Mini. It can either be the Snapdragon 400 version, or the quad-core version, or even a Snapdragon 800 or 600. This can be concluded from the fact that the S4 Active has a Snapdragon 600 while the S4 Mini has a Snapdragon 400.

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is expected to retail at around $570. The phone is rumored to be available in June, which is possible since the S4 Mini was released in July last year.

Other Expected Specs

Other specs expected for the Samsung galaxy S5 Mini include a 1.5GB RAM, 2100mAh battery and 16GB worth of storage, including a microSD slot. It is expected to have an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front. It is also expected to have KitKat Android OS.

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