Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A vs HTC One Mini 2 – Price and Specs Comparison

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A
  2. HTC One Mini 2

In this article, we will find out which one of these Android running devices is better, both being fan favorites at some degree. One is from Samsung, and the other is from HTC, and both come with their own specs and features. Let’s get started.

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A

This device was announced not too long after the release of the Galaxy S5, and has to overcome the pressure of achieving the same success as the models before it. The manufacturer promises some high end specifications for this handset, but we will have to see if it can truly stand up to the challenge.

Design and Display

The Galaxy S5 LTE-A packs quite a powerful display. This 5.1 inch screen is not only scratch resistant, but also one of the brightest displays available, thanks to its impressive 500 ppi pixel density. It runs on Super AMOLED technology, and its similar to the display on the S5, but it is believed to have wider edges.

Camera, Specs, and Battery

The device has a 2800 mAh battery which is more than enough to power all the hardware. And it actually has a lot to power, as there is quite a lot going on inside this handset. The 2.5 GHz quad core processor ensures the swift and smooth navigation through the phone’s menus and screens, and an overall fast user experience. It is backed up by 3 GB of RAM, so you won’t have any kind of problem while watching videos or playing games, or even browsing the internet. It comes with up to 64 GB of internal memory, but you can also add up to 128 more GB through a microSD card. The cameras aren’t bad either, with 16 MP in the back and 2.1 MP in the front, you get HD recording and other features like auto focus.


Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A comes at a price of $834 on Amazon.

HTC One Mini 2

Although much smaller than the original HTC One, the HTC One Mini 2 is still part of the HTC One family. Its combination of specifications and features might just be enough to overcome the S5 LTE-A…or not. We’ll soon find out.

Design and Display

If the HTC One Mini 2 is going to better than the S5 LTE-A, it has to find another place to do it, because in the screen department, the S5 LTE-A is far superior. The One Mini 2 has a much smaller screen in comparison, 4.5 inches, and only half the screen resolution of the S5. It still remains the brighter display due to the fact that its display is smaller and providing over 300 ppi in pixel density. The technology used is S-LCD2 and it’s not scratch resistant.

Camera, Specs and Battery

A 2100 mAh battery powers the 1.2 GHz quad core processor found inside. Even though that’s not bad at all, it is less than what the S5 LTE-A offers. The battery is also smaller, and so is the internal memory, only 16 GB. A 13 MP equipped with Flash is also available, on the back of the device.


Out of the two devices, the S5 LTE-A is clearly the best choice, as it provides superior features. It excels in every category of the comparison, and leaves the HTC One Mini 2 behind at every step.


You can get the HTC One Mini 2 on for $439, and the Galaxy S5 LTE-A for $834 on the same website

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