Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One – Specifications, Features and Price Comparison

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Both S4 and HTC One were listed among the top popular smartphones in the year 2013.

They were released early in 2013 with HTC One preceding the Samsung Galaxy S4 by a month, in March. Interestingly, the SIM-free versions of the smartphones are priced more or less similar. Also, irrespective of your choice, each phone gives you 500 minutes of free talk time; 5,000 free text messages and unlimited data.


The HTC One is a couple of millimeters thicker than its S4 counterpart and also weighs a bit heavier than the latter. However, this does not make the HTC One phone difficult to handle. Its curved corners at the back ensure that the phone does not feel bulky. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a wholly plastic body, the HTC One consists of a plastic and aluminum body. Although the metal body makes it difficult to take the phone apart, without damage, in case of repair, it gives a cool look.

Verdict: Overall, in spite of being thicker and heavier, the HTC One phone scores over the Samsung Galaxy S4 with respect to the design feature.

Internal Speakers

Like most phones of the series, the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a single speaker that is mounted on the back of the phone. Although the speaker produces sound of good volume, there may be a possibility of distortion in some very rare situations. The HTC One counterpart focuses on speakers as one of its key features. This smartphone encompasses two front mounted speakers. Each of the speakers has its own drivers located on either side of the screen. Also, the speakers point to each of your ears. While the tone of the HTC One phone is not remarkably outstanding, you can be assured of good volume without chances of distortion.

Verdict: Needless to say, the HTC One smartphone ranks a step ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of its speakers.

Screen Size and Resolution

One of the most notable aspects regarding the above feature is that the screen size of HTC One is just a shade smaller than that of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Thus, although not prominently noticeable, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is very slightly wider. However, both the smartphones share the same 1080 pixel resolution and render sharp images. Even though the HTC One smartphone has a little better pixel density, the number of pixels per inch is the same for both the smartphones. The striking difference is in the panel used. The IPS panel of the HTC One phone results in the formation of slightly sharper images with natural colors. Also, the super-bright maximum setting gives this phone an added advantage. The Samsung Galaxy S4 uses an AMOLED screen, like its previous versions, that tend to oversaturate the colors in an image, giving it an unnatural look.

Verdict: HTC One once again proves itself to be victorious over Samsung Galaxy S4 with its ability to display images with a natural look.

Overall, HTC One, tends to score over Samsung Galaxy S4, with most of the much looked for features, in a smartphone, in its favor.


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