Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One M8 – Pricing and Specifications Compared

Samsung has had the edge over HTC in recent years and this has been largely because of the significant marketing budgets of the Korean company.

The HTC One, though, developed a reputation as being better than the Samsung Galaxy S4. The success of the device, however, was limited because of Samsung’s marketing potential, but it is now at a stage when people are starting to go beyond the advertisement influences. The HTC One M8 will be the successor that will take on the Galaxy S4 in a shootout.


The HTC One M8 improves several aspects of the previous generation device in order to make it competitive when put alongside phones like the Galaxy S4. One key area is the design, which features a remarkable improvement, especially because of the use of metal for most of the phone. This gives it a great advantage especially in comparison with the Galaxy S4, which largely relies upon plastics. It would have been acceptable in the midrange segment, but the HTC One M8 comes with a feature that buyers crave for in this segment – premium feel.


The HTC One M8’s display size remains largely similar as that of the previous version at 5 inches. It is a unit that uses the same full HD resolution present in the Galaxy S4. As a result, pixel densities are almost identical. Due to the use of metal, the HTC One M8 is slightly heavier at 160 g compared to the 130 g of the Galaxy S4. Both devices use the gorilla glass 3 in order to protect the display. Even though the resolution and screen size are similar, the technology used is very different. The Galaxy S4 offers the Super AMOLED technology like in many other Samsung products, while the HTC uses the Super LCD3 version.


The Galaxy S4 leaps ahead due to the varied internal memory options with a minimum of 16 GB being blown away by the maximum 64 GB offering. However, most buyers are likely to choose the 32 GB offering that is widely available. The phone also supports future enhancements if in case the internal memory runs out. Previous HTC devices did not offer this feature, but the HTC One M8 does not miss out on it. In fact, it supports microSD enhancement up to 128 GB compared to the 64 GB cap on the Galaxy S4.


The controversial 4 ultra-pixel camera on the HTC One has been retained in the new device as well. Compared with the camera on the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 offers an improvement through the 13 megapixel camera. Apart from 4K recording feature, this has everything one can expect from a high-end device. Ironically, the HTC One M8 also misses out on the 4K recording feature despite being a new product.

The batteries in the two devices are identical at 2600 mAh. The HTC One M8 retails at around $650, while the Galaxy S4 is comparatively cheaper at just $420.

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