Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z – Camera and Price Comparison

Today, we live in a world where we take quick pictures of memorable moments on a daily basis, therefore the camera on a phone is an important aspect that may be decisive in whether or not the device sells well.

For their new flagship device, the HTC One, HTC have developed the technology of ultra-pixels, which trades pixel count for larger pixels that that capture more light and reduce the image noise, all in attempt to get better quality photos. In the following pictures, the HTC One’s camera was put to the test against that of the Galaxy S3 and Xperia Z, all devices being set to their maximum quality options.

In this first picture, the clear winner is the Galaxy S3, while the HTC shot is really pale and the one took with the Xperia has the most image noise. The image subject was lighted by a lamp in this shot.

For the second picture, the same settings were used, only this time the image was zoomed in. Although the HTC image has the least image noise, its colors are very flat and the Xperia image is really saturated. Therefore, once again, Galaxy S3 is the winner.

The third picture was taken in natural lighting.Here, the S3 didn’t perform as good, due to not having a light sensor as good as the other two. The HTC picture once again looks pale and lifeless, while the Xperia photo has the most image noise.

In this fourth photo, the shots were taken in natural lighting while zoomed in. This is where all three performed their worst. Out of all, the HTC took the best shot, but still lacks vibrancy and has a gray tone to it.

In the final picture, an inner courtyard in Berlin, the HTC shot has the most detail, while the S3 shot has the most contrast and sharpness. The Xperia photo came out last, having the least quality and the most image noise.


In conclusion, out of three, surprisingly, the S3 which is the oldest device, produced in average the best pictures, although there is no clear winner. The ultra-pixel technology found on the HTC One is comparable to other 2012 smartphones.


HTC One is available at for $380 while the Xperia Z is around $340 and the Galaxy S3 $290 on the same website.

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