Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 Prime Leaks and a Metal-body Alpha Lineup

Lately, we’ve heard all kinds of rumors about the Galaxy Note 4 and its retinal scanner which will be an awesome method of protection. Samsung has recently introduced the Exynos ModAP Series, and many reports suggested that the Note 4 will have a security measure.

SamsungExynos stirred up the spirits on twitter, teasing its followers with an image of an eye, alongside the “Security can be improved using features unique to us. That’s what we envision. What would you use?” caption, and immediately, everybody started talking about the future retinal scanner.

Samsung is already using the Smart technology which implies the eye movement to keep the screen from locking, as well as tracking and maintaining other commands. So, this feature should be introduced to all the future Samsung devices.

The Galaxy Alpha will outpace the Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F?

We thought that the Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F will be the first smartphone which will feature a metal body, but it seems that the South Korean company is planning on releasing another high-end phone which will have a premium design.

According to CNet, which found a report from ETNews (a Korean publication), it seems that the Galaxy Alpha will be released in August and it will compete with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6.

We have a mystery to unravel, because something tells us that the Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F is the Galaxy Alpha, but this name hasn’t been confirmed, although it has been mentioned by Samsung. We made the connection between the S5 Prime and the Galaxy Alpha considering the metal body which the first model is speculated to come with. And if Samsung hinted that the Galaxy Alpha is the first phone to come with a premium look, it’s a high probability that we talk about the same smartphone. Until we receive an official confirmation from Samsung, this remains a simple speculation.

The S Pen will be Ultrasound-enabled?

The S Pen will most likely be improved, and according to SamMobile, the S Pen stylus will come with a digitizer, so the device can pick up ultrasound waves. In this case, Samung will no longer have to make thick screens.




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