Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC Desire 816 – Top Specifications and Price Comparison

You can easily get distracted by the beauty of both these devices, therefore find it hard to choose which one you want to make your own for a long time. In this comparison, we’ll be taking a closer look at their specs and features, to help you determine which one is best for you, because even though both are great phones, only of them can be the best here. So let’s get started and find our champion.

HTC Desire 816

Released in March 2014, the Desire 816 runs the Android operating system, and comes with a fair amount of internal storage, of 8 GB. On the RAM side, it only provides 1.5 GB of memory. Weighing no more than 5.82 ounces, the device is reliable for a fast WiFi connection, and smooth gaming or navigation in general thanks to its quad core 1.5 GHz Cortex A-7 CPU. For the HTC Desire 816’s display, we have a 5.5 inch multi touch LCD 2 touch-screen, which operates at a 720 x 1280 resolution. In the Camera department, it has a 13 MP shooter in the back, quick and handy for on the spot moment immortalization.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 runs Android Jelly Bean. In terms of display specs, it outranks the Desire 816 by having a larger screen, 5.7 inches, that operates at a bigger resolution, also, namely 1080 x 1920. It also uses a different technology than the HTC handset. While the HTC Desire 816 uses LCD2 ,the Galaxy Note 3’s display is powered by Super AMOLED technology. Not only does the Galaxy Note 3 match the HTC Desire 816’s 13 MP on the rear camera, but also provides a 2 MP shooter in the front, capable of 1080p, that comes in handy for quick snaps. Behind the curtains we have a 2.3 GHz quad core Krait 400 CPU running the show, alongside a battery that can sustain the phone’s life for about 21 hours. The memory specs are also remarkable, as it comes with 64 GB of internal storage and 3 GB of RAM.

Final Verdict

After taking into consideration all these specs, the conclusion is that the Galaxy Note 3 is without a doubt the better device, with a larger and better display, a lot more memory and not one, but two high quality cameras, perfect for getting in those quick shots on the go.

You can get the Note 3 for around $540 and the Desire 816 for around $340, both courtesy of

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