Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Specs, Features and More

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been in the market for quite some time now.

It is an extremely impressive model that enjoys rave reviews. Here, we will take a look at the details of the feature and specifications to analyze how good the phone really is.

The Form Factor

With a size of 5.7 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a sharp design. It comes with a Wacom digitizer stylus which gives an extra edge to this model. The width of the phone is 8 cm, which makes it tough to handle with a single hand. However, if you are comfortable with large sized phones, you are going to love this model.

It doesn’t have the rear plastic cover which has been mostly criticized in Samsung, the back looks like it has a leather cover but it is not so. The back actually has a rubberized plastic cover which has leather effect on it, making it extremely appealing. As far as the appearance is concerned, this model by Samsung makes an excellent point and users have been impressed by the sharp designing used in this phone.

Even when it comes to display, you will be amazed by the clarity which this phone will offer. It has a super AMOLED display of 1080p. It makes use of PenTile diamond display, which is responsible for the extra clarity.

Camera, Video and More

When you are checking the top features offered by Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you just cannot miss out the camera. This model by Samsung comes with 13 megapixels camera and has a single LED flash to go with it. The camera specification bears a striking resemblance with that offered by Galaxy S4.

What sets this camera apart from most other competitors is the zero lag and auto focus. You will be able to click brilliant pictures. The performance is little dismal in low light because the pictures tend to have a great deal of background noise. The absence of night mode hurts immensely when you are clicking pictures in low lit areas.

When it comes to video, you won’t be disappointed because the video quality is impeccable. You have the option of both slow motion and fast motion video capturing. There is an option to record videos at 4K resolution, but if you do not have a 4K monitor, it won’t serve any real use.

The Battery Performance

With a battery rating of 3200 mAh, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers you a strong battery life. You are not likely to have any complaints with the power of your battery and with the Galaxy Gear, this mode seems to be a smart choice to opt for.

The demerit of this model is the high end price. If you have money to spare, you should definitely consider buying Samsung Galaxy Note 3 because the specifications are good enough to make you happy with your decision to purchase it. There are better options in the market; however Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in conjunction with the Gear makes an excellent choice to opt for.



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