Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 – Features and Specifications

Choosing the right, high quality phone would be practical. Samsung has been the top seller of mobile phones worldwide. They created products that have unique, quality features and have caught a lot of consumer’s attention. It is fun for many users to have unlimited features. Samsung Galaxy has added more convenient and entertaining features to satisfy customer’s needs and wants.


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a smartphone supported by the Android operating system. It has a dimension of 5.78 x 2.96 x 0.35 inches with a light weight of 163g. The display has a resolution of 720 x 1280p that can play up to 1080p high-definition videos and photos. It allows users to have a clearer view, with no need of zooming in. You can have your ‘selfies’ with its 8 megapixel camera LED flash and autofocus. Enjoy recording videos using 1080p high-definition camcorder.

The hardware is brilliant for it has a system memory of 1.5 GB RAM that can run many applications and high graphic games. You can store files up to 8 GB. Take pleasure of its Quadcore processor ARM Cortex-A7 that can run almost any software. Worry no more about batteries, the battery can last 17 hours talk time and have a capacity of 2600 mAh. Have your songs stored and play it with a Samsung music player in an artistic album cover and background playback. Listen either with an earpiece or a loudspeaker. FM radio and YouTube player is also available.


Capture moments in your daily life using an enhanced camera with a clear wide-screen. You can have things running through your high memory RAM. It runs smoothly even with many applications open. In multi tasking, Samsung Galaxy has a feature that lets you view multi windows. Just tap and swipe, and then you can jump quickly to your windows. Experience a wide view in an expansive high-definition screen, which is good for watching videos and playing graphic games. The brightness of this phone is also excellent.

Check out this unique ‘sound&shot’ feature which allows you to capture what was said while taking a picture, it can also detect sounds, if they are generally low in volume. You won’t be out-of-place in multi language chats because of its built-in language translator that eliminates information barrier. There is also a group play that allows you to share your pictures, videos, games, files and songs. You can have your friends with you and listen to songs or watch videos together. Share things through the new Bluetooth 4.0 which transfers files at high-speed. Install Google map combined with Samsung GPS+ and it will give you more accurate information about locations.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is affordable and available nationwide. You can purchase it online or just visit some mobile distributors. Quality is important for a product to fulfill the needs of people. Take a look at reviews before acquiring a product. Doing some research or readings can help you minimize costs. Compare products and know there pros and cons to bet a better deal.

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