Return of Flappy Bird as a Multiplayer Game

The Flappy Bird game was one of the most popular single player games on the Android and Apple app stores, before it was pulled down by its creator Dong Nguyen.

It was first released on Apple’s app store before being launched for the Android market. The increasing popularity of the game resulted in online versions of the game being developed. The aim of the game is very simple. All you have to do is to get your bird flap its wings, soar as high as possible and pass through various pairs of pipes that serve as obstacles. Simple as it sounds, it can be quite challenging and addictive. This is actually the reason stated by the developer of the game, for removing the game from the app stores. In fact, the game was removed, just as it had gained immense popularity worldwide. However, those who have the Flappy Bird game already installed on their smartphones, can continue playing it without interruption.

Comeback of the Flappy Bird Game

Owing to the popularity of the game and the overwhelming response generated because of the same, Dong Nguyen has assured Flappy Bird fans that the app would once again hit the app stores very soon. The game is expected to be a multiplayer game and at the same time less addictive. However, it is not sure at present how the developer proposes to achieve this. In other words, the new game is meant to be played solely for relaxation. Apart from being launched as a multiplayer game, players can expect unexplored modes in the new Flappy Bird game. One such mode that is likely to be featured is the possibility to customize the background. Interested players can explore various other modes as well in the multiplayer version of the game.

While the mobile version of the multiplayer game has not yet been launched, there are many websites that allow you to play variations of Flappy Bird online with your friends. Just as new features are expected in the upcoming mobile app, the online multiplayer game also has new challenging and interesting features. One such online multiplayer game is the FlapMMO game that you can play along with hundreds of other players around the world at the same time. This game resembles the original Flappy Bird game in terms of resources and screen layout. You can give your bird a name in the online game.

Although the original version of the Flappy Bird game was available as a free app, there are still speculations if the new multiplayer app would be free or priced. It is expected that the app will not be highly priced, even if players are expected to purchase the app from the app stores. Dong Nguyen has also claimed that the new game would certainly be much better than the original single player game. However, it is certain that lovers of the original game would definitely not want to miss trying their luck with the new version Flappy Bird game that is tentatively slated for release in August 2014.

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