Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare – A Fun Filled Action Game

Garden Warfare, the recently launched Plants vs Zombies video game, is a 3rd person shooter game which can also be categorized as a tower defense game which has captured the attention of game enthusiasts all over the world.

The game was launched on the XBox One and XBox 360 platforms, earlier this year, in February. However, it was subsequently announced that the game would also be launched on the Windows and Play Station 3 and 4 gaming platforms, later this year. The game is the next installment in the Plants Vs Zombies series of games by PopCap Games, the mind behind this range of games. The developers initially wanted to keep the game limited to XBox versions, but later on decided for a much wider launch following the surging popularity of the game. The game is a 3rd person shooter action game, which allows the players to play either as zombies or as plants and shoot the other things down. This makes it different from other typical action games.

The Play Structure

The players have the option of choosing either zombies or plants for their 3rd person perspective and then playing the game. The game play features allow the players to either play in the cooperative or play in the competitive environment and then proceed forward. The game has several tasks which the players need to cross and at each step the level of difficulty and the strength of the enemies’ increases. This makes each level more challenging and difficult to cross and therein lies the motivation for the ardent game enthusiasts. As the players cross each level, they are given bonuses and incentives in terms of additional features, better suits, better weapons, special powers and other things. These are to keep the interest arrested in the game further. The game proceeds in this manner and it depends upon the player which direction he wants to take the game.

A Large Number of Modes

There are various modes in the Plants Vs Zombies game, which make the play more interesting. These have been mentioned below:

  • Welcome Mat – It is for the new players and features a single map with no customization for the players and is more of a learning level kind of thing.
  • Graveyards and Gardens – In this mode, the players have to choose between, defending an object and fighting to destroy one. It’s a kind of ‘do or die’ situation among the sides chosen by the player.
  • Gnome Bomb – In this mode, the player can opt to either protect a bomb from being taken by the enemy or detonate bomb at other places that have been set by the enemy.
  • Mixed Mode – In this mode, the player can choose either team interchangeably and can play as one or the other, whenever he wishes. Or he can choose to play in one mode in one game and another mode in the other. This mode gives all freedom to the player.
  • Garden Ops – In this mode, four players take the control of a garden and defend it against the zombies or a team of zombies.

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