OnePlus One Smartphone – Features, Specs and Price

The OnePlus One is a new entrant into the smartphone market. It is a product of Chinese based OnePlus Smartphone Company. This is one of their Android based gadgets. The OnePlus One handset is both sturdy and attractive. It comes with a simple style that is functional, with specs that are almost top range in the Android mobile phone space. The OnePlus One handset makes use of CynogenMod OS, which is an open source and free operating system based on Google Android’s official releases.

Understanding the Operating System

The operating system on the OnePlus One handset is its most unique selling point. This phone uses the 11S CyanogenMod 11 version. It is based on the 4.4.2 KitKat Android version. The OnePlus One comes fully installed with the Google apps you would expect to find in any Android powered gadget. You will find Gmail, Google+, Calendar, Google Cards, Hangouts and Google Music among many other apps. The difference between other devices and this device can be found in the settings. The settings allow you to turn on features on Cyanogenmod. While you’ll be at home with most of the features, there are a few extra features available on the gadget.

The Design

This smartphone has a monolithic design. It comes with a 5.5 inch screen, which places it in the realm of what is referred to as a phablet device. This phone manages to fit this size of a screen in its slim design standing at only 0.35 inches in thickness. In terms of overall footprint, this phone is slightly smaller than the Galaxy Note 3 and closely resembles Nexus 5 especially the plastic back finish.


The performance of this gadget is unparalleled for its price range. It comes in a 2.5GHz quad-core processor that comes with a 3GB RAM which is equal to RAM you can find in phones such as galaxy S5 or the HTC one M8. It features powerful graphics that are apparent in the OS animation and how Android games perform on this phone.

With a high power engine and the high end graphics display, this phone comes with a battery that. You can use this phone hours on end.

The OnePlus One Software

The cyanogen platform offers this gadget many tricks. You can fully change the screen’s skin using the different onboard themes and downloads. You can customize your OnePlus One device from the screen settings where you can change the status bar, lock screen and home screen among other features.

The Camera On The OnePlus One

This phone comes with a 13MP camera which performs quite well during day time. However, most of the shoots may come out blurry because of the quality of the image stabilizer, and it has a relatively slow autofocus speed. However, in good lighting and plenty of time, you can get pretty decent shots. You can get better shots when you activate the Cyanogenmod camera application.


A 16GB model goes for $299 in the US and 229 pounds sterling in the UK.


The OnePlus One is a great Android smartphone at an affordable cost. The fact that it offers you the ability to choose between hardware and software based navigation buttons is a plus. It also comes in a sleek design and offers many wonderful features. This phone is worth a try.

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