Nokia X vs. Nokia Lumia 520 – Comparison Review

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Nokia had recently launched its X series smartphones, which has raised some eyebrows, in the smartphone market.

The X series has been a successful venture for Nokia. The Nokia smartphones cater the user with great Android based experience, enclosed in a beautiful design. The Nokia X smartphone has a neat and well constructed body. The smartphone offers the user with a fascinating User Interface but comes at an expensive price.

The Lumia 520 Windows Phone caters the user with friendly and fluid smartphone experience. However, the Lumia 520 is overshadowed by the Lumia 620 Windows Phone. The Lumia 520 comes at a low price and comprises of impressive features and specs, making it one among the very best Windows Phone in the market.

Find below a comparison between these two smartphones in the Nokia X vs. Nokia Lumia 520 review.


Nokia has provided both these smartphones with a decent design and build. The Nokia X and Lumia 520 are made out of polycarbonate plastic, providing a firm grip.


Both the Nokia X and the Nokia Lumia 520 smartphones offer 4 inch WVGA screens having a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Both the devices have a similar pixel density of 223-ppi. However, the Lumia 520 has a scratchproof coating for protection, whereas, the Nokia X lacks this feature. The Lumia 520 definitely has an upper edge in this department.


The Nokia X comes with a 1GHz dual core Snapdragon Soc processor. In comparison, the Lumia 520 comprises of similar specifications with the same running speed, but a different chipset. Both these devices comprise of a RAM of 512MB. In terms of the graphic processor, the Lumia has a better GPU when compared to the Nokia X smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 520 comprises of an Adreno 305 graphic processor, as compared to the Adreno 203 graphic processor of the Nokia X smartphone.

The Nokia 520 wins in the graphic processor department, with a superior GPU and a different chipset than the Nokia X smartphone.


The Lumia 520 has a bigger internal storage capacity of approximately 8GB, in comparison to the 4GB internal storage capacity of the Nokia X smartphone. However, both the devices come equipped with an external storage microSD card slot, for memory enhancement. The Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone wins this round also, with an external memory enhancement of up to 64GB, in comparison to the 32GB external memory enhancement of the Nokia X smartphone.

Moreover, the Lumia 520 supports the download speed up to 21.1Mbps on HSDPA in comparison to the top download speed of 7.2Mbps of the Nokia X smartphone.


The Nokia X comprises of a forked version of the Android based software, whereas, the Lumia 520 smartphone comprises of Windows Phone operating system. However, both these devices consist of a Microsoft and Nokia’s services such as Skype, Outlook, Nokia Music, HERE maps and more. Nokia X has an advantage here with the ability to run a plethora of Android apps in comparison to the Windows Phone Lumia 520.


The Nokia X comes with an array of apps but the Lumia 520 provides a better hardware option. In case, you were not looking for apps, the Lumia 520 would be the perfect option for you.


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