Nokia Lumia 525 vs Nokia X2 – Top Specs and Prices Comparison

Let’s see which of these two handsets from Nokia is better, as they they aren’t exactly the same, even though they are under the same brand name. For instance, one of the most important differences is the fact that the Nokia Lumia 525 runs using the Windows 8 operating system, while the Nokia X2 is running Android by Google.

Nokia Lumia 525

Part of the popular Lumia series of smartphones by Nokia, the Lumia 525 comes with some unique design and internal features. In most part, the devices revolves around music, and was released in November 2013.

Design and Display

This bright and stylish looking device lives up to its price, in terms of appearance, and has a 4 inch display with a pixel density of 235 ppi. Even though its screen might be a little smaller than today’s standard for smartphones, it compensated by providing scratch resistance. The display is, of course, multi touch.

Camera, Specs and Battery

Under the hood, for this one, we have a 1 GHz dual core processor, alongside a full GB of RAM storage. And speaking of storage, there are also 8 GB of internal memory included in the deal. Moving down to the camera, the Lumia 525 has only one, on the rear, so no front facing camera for this model. The back camera has no Flash LED, and has only 5 MP. To top off the list of pretty mediocre-low specifications, we can add that the battery is only 1430 mAh.

Nokia X2

The X2 was released in June 2014 and is also pretty affordable, when it comes to money, just like the Lumia 525. There are a few differences, however, between these two devices, like the fact that the X2 does not operate on the Windows 8 OS like the 525, but instead uses a mix of Android and Nokia X. Even though you shouldn’t expect huge improvements from the Lumia 525, you can be sure that this model has its specs more evenly spread.

Design and Display

It has a slightly bigger display than the Lumia, 4.3 inch, compared to the Lumia’s  4 inch display, but also has a lower ppi desnity because of this, of only 219. The fact that it uses a clear black LCD screen gives it another boost over the Lumia, therefore taking the lead. It is also scratch resistant and equipped with proximity and light sensors.

Camera, Specs and Battery

The X2 also comes with a better CPU than the Lumia, 1.2 GHz, and the same 1 GB of RAM. When it comes to internal memory, the Lumia tops the X2, having 8 GB of internal storage space while the X2 has only 4. But, however, you can add up to another 32 GB of space on your X2  by using a micro SD card. The camera isn’t really jaw-dropping, as it has a 5 MP camera and Flash LED on the back, and a 0.3 MP camera in the front, but still it’s a lot better than what the Lumia offers in this department. The battery is also better, 1800 mAh.


Both devices are relatively cheap, but out of the two, the X2 has far better specifications, while the Lumia 525 seems to have concentrated most its resources on the music aspect. From CPU to display, to battery, the X2 is superior at every step.


You can grab either device over at for under $150.

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