Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Nokia Lumia 1520 – Pricing and Specifications Compared

The success of the Lumia brand has seen Nokia get more excited about launching new phones in the last few years.

The higher end phones sold under the Lumia brand have been doing well, but they have not been without their problems. Nokia seems to correct them with launches like the Nokia Lumia 1020. Further, they are also looking to expand the horizons and target phones like the Galaxy Note 3, which reigns supreme in the phablet segment. Phones like the Nokia Lumia 1520 are all set to capture the markets.


There are a lot of features that separate the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 1520. One of them is the dimension of the device. Due to the much larger 6 inch screen – compared to the 4.5 inch screen – the Lumia 1520 is not only visibly larger, but it is also heavier. It cannot compete with the 158 g weight of the Lumia 1020 as it is just over 200 g. It may not be the handiest device in the world, due to the large touch screen.


However, the benefits of having such a large display will become apparent in terms of multimedia and web browsing. The Lumia 1520 boasts of a screen that is larger than the 5.7 inch one present in the Galaxy Note 3. However, since it does not feature more than full HD resolution, it can offer only just over 350 PPI of pixel density. This is slightly lower compared with the Lumia 1020 that can offer a 768 x 1280 pixel resolution in its 4.5 inch display.

Aside from the display size and resolution, they also differ in terms of the technology utilized. The Lumia 1020 team relies upon the AMOLED display while the Lumia 1520 has the IPS panel. Both technologies produce different results in different conditions like indoors and indirect sunlight.


A big advantage of owning either one of the Nokia devices becomes apparent when we step into the camera department. Known for the Pureview range of phones that came with cameras that could challenge a compact digital camera, it is not surprising to find a stunning 41 megapixel camera at the back of the Lumia 1020. Further, the impressive camera specifications continue into the Lumia 1520 as well. This phone features a 20 megapixel camera complete with Carl Zeiss optics.

They may not have 4K video recording and other latest features, but the Lumia 1520 provides every important feature like optical image stabilization, video light, and stereo sound recording. In addition, the Lumia 1020 also comes with the ability to lose almost no detail in the 4x video zoom. This is in addition to features like xenon and LED Flash combined to give an impressive night photography results. The camera also comes with auto/manual modes.

The manual modes will give a lot more control over the individual camera settings. The Lumia 1020 retails in the market for $420 while the Lumia 1520 costs $470.

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