Nintendo – The Ultimate Choice of Gaming Console Lovers

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The present generation is head over heels, in love with the gaming consoles that have hit the market over the last few years.

The advancement in technology and quality of the products has taken gaming to an entirely new level and made it more interesting, competitive and fun. One of the most loved game designing companies in the present times, happens to be Nintendo, which is widely known as the largest gaming console making company in the world, in terms of revenue. The latest product of Nintendo, the Wii U, has taken the gaming fraternity by storm, because of the great number of features that it is laden with. The company has established its name firmly in the gaming console history, on account of the top tech products that it has delivered to the world, from time to time.

Nintendo entered the market with simple gaming gadgets in the mid 1980s. Its first show-stopper happened to be the GameBoy which became the largest selling handheld device soon after its launch. It was also by this launch that Nintendo’s name was noticed for the first time in the gaming market. Over the years, the company has added on a lot of features and has made sure that its products remain top of the line and in sync with the advancement in technology and processing powers of the machines. Some of the features that have been added to the latest toys from the Nintendo stable have been mentioned below.

3D Technology

Nintendo was a pioneer in the glass free 3D technology which was a great boon for the company and a great technology to exploit for the users. It instantly grabbed the attention of the game frenzied audience and the product was soon flying off the shelves. The games were conceptualized and developed so as to have a 3D view, which can be seen even without special 3D glasses. The latest offering by Nintendo, Wii U, uses this technology in its most advanced form, and makes Wii U a much celebrated gaming console among today’s generation of game lovers.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor technology has been exploited by a number of gaming companies. However, Nintendo has gone one step forward with the technology and incorporated this, in all the major games offered by the company. Whether it is sports, arcade, strategy or any action game, the motion sensor enables the users to actually play the game by pointing into the sensor located in the box. Also, the sensitivity of the sensor has been enhanced, so that any motion, even that which is not exactly in the way of the sensor, can be detected without any difficulty. This is quite a positive development in this regard.

Online Games and Support

The console offers online support and real time online play over the user’s Wi-Fi connection. It allows the users to post real time updates on their social accounts, videos and pictures of the game and to play with others, right from the comforts of their homes. All this has made Nintendo a gamer’s delight and a must-have gaming console today.

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