Nexus 8 Release Date With Top Android L Features

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It is rumored that the Google Nexus 8 will be a great tablet and it will be released along with the Android L OS. My Gadgetic posted a video on youtube, and in one minute, they presented the upcoming Nexus 8 and awesome the Android L interface looks on it. The upcoming update has been unveiled by Google last June, at its I/O event and it seems that will support material design apps. The one-minute tour can be found below.

The Nexus 8 will have HTC’s unique design – a slim body, with semi-squared corners like on the One M7 and M8. However, we don’t know if the successor of the Nexus 7 will have a metal body like its siblings, since HTC hasn’t confirmed this information. This is what BGR wrote on its report: “This is just a concept that has nothing to do with the actual product HTC is rumored to be in development”.

According to My Gadgetic, the Nexus 8 should operate in 64-bit mobile computing environment, and will have a chipset from Nvidia, Intel or Qualcomm, depending on which one will be compatible with the upcoming Android L.

In My Gadgetic’s video, the Nexus 8 appears along with the Nexus 6, how they both look like, inside and outside, being practically identical, although we don’t have concrete information about the Nexus 6 from the tech giant.

So, the upcoming Nexus 8 is supposed to come with an 8,9inches display, while its predecessor had only a 7inches display. In this case, the Nexus 8 will be named Nexus 9.

We don’t know exactly when this tablet will be released, but it’s likely to happen this fall, between October and November, and it will cost around 400 dollars. We’ll see if the tablet fans will prefer to buy Apple’s iPads or they will be curious to try HTC’s Nexus 8.


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