Nexus 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Specs and Features Compared

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The Nexus 7 from Google is the state of the art tablet that features Android OS by Google.

The device comes from the designers of Android operating system – Google. The device promises to offer an enhanced user experience, better than its counterparts. The smartphone is expected to run the Android OS in a quicker and better manner as compared to the other Android based smartphones. When it comes to smartphones, Samsung Electronics rocks the town with its wide range of smartphones and tablets. The company has recently released the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tablet, which, most certainly could be the killer.

A comparison between the two, in terms of specs and features would determine the best out of them.


Among an array of things that separates the Nexus 7 from the Galaxy Note 3, the design comes first. The Nexus 7 is the latest generation tablet with a larger and wider body. The device comes with a 7 inches display screen and speakers in the front side. This makes the bezel thick. However, the Nexus 7 is still a thin tablet with a thickness of 8.7mm.

In comparison to Nexus 7, the Galaxy Note 3 could be carried anywhere with ease. The device may be a tad bigger than your hand but it would fit in the pocket with ease.


The Note 3 comes with a 5.7 inches display screen that is only 1.3 inches less than the Nexus 7 display. In this specification comparison, the Note 3 could boast of a superior pixel density than that of the Nexus 7 smartphone. The Nexus 7 suffers in this department, because of its massive display. However, the large body of the Nexus 7 comes with state of the art speakers in the front, catering the user with excellent multimedia experience.


It would not be wrong to suggest that the Note 3 would be considered a business companion as the device comes with a stylus. The use of the stylus would augment the device possibilities further more. The stylus enables the user to create pictures and take notes as easy as one would do with pen and paper. The stylus also offers air command feature that increases its value further more.


The Nexus 7 comes in two variants offering 16GB and 32GB internal memory options. The device does not have an extra memory card slot. The Note 3 comes equipped with an internal memory up to 64GB along with external memory card slot to enhance its memory up to 64GB. However, the battery life of both these devices is almost the same.

The 32GB variant of the Nexus 7 smartphone is priced at $230 in comparison to the $550 price of Galaxy Note 3 having similar memory.

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