Nexus 5 Longer Battery Life with Android L – Arriving With A New Dialer

During the I/O conference, Google finally revealed the Android L platform. Some new features that Android L comes with are Project Volta and Material Design. It seems that Project Volta will solve Nexus 5’s battery drain issues.

Android L will also feature a new dialer and the users will most likely enjoy using it. The new version comes also with some battery saving features and tweaks which will extend the battery life. In concordance with Ars Technica, the handsets will be used longer on a single charge.

An experiment was conducted in order to test the battery life saving of the new Android L. A device was running on the Android 4.4.4 while the other one was running on the new Android L and the winner was the device running on the Android L OS because it lasted for 471 minutes, while the other device lasted only 345 minutes.

Project Volta combines the basic features of Project Svelte and Project Butter. Project Svelte made it possible so that the KitKat was compatible with mid-range Android devices and Project Butter made animations run smoothly on the Android Jelly Bean.

The battery saving feature also minimizes the background activity and it can lower the screen brightness if the device’s battery is running out of “juice”.

Material Design brings great visual improvements and, along with it, a new Dialer. The Dialer still works like its “predecessor”, only it performs better and looks better.

For now, there is no specific information about Android L’s release date.


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