Motorola Moto X Features, Specs & Price – A Hit Or A Miss

These days it is difficult to make a big deal out of a smartphone. This is because the market has plenty of smartphones that offer all the features you can imagine. The Moto X is one of the many smartphones available today. The Moto X is rather special in that it is the first device to be created under the partnership of Google and the Motorola Company. This has made this phone one of the most talked about and lauded phone of 2013.

The Build and Design

This Motorola phone has a stylish minimalistic design. You will notice the small size of the phone especially if you have been using phones with screen sizes of more than 5 inches in length. The Moto X has the same screen size as the Nexus 4 but looks and feels smaller because of its narrow build.

This phone comes with a 10.4mm depth making it an average thickness smartphone. Looking at is closely, you will notice some similarity to the Moto G. The design and built makes it very comfortable to use.

The body on the sides is made with half rubber and half gloss finishing. This ensures that the grip on the phone remains firm and the curvy design makes it easy to slip the phone into the pocket. The ports are on the sides of the phone and it comes with a nano sim tray as opposed to the micro sim tray.

The back side is made of rubber-like coating with a dimpled pattern. The MotoX is available in different colors including black and white, wood finish and blue.

The Camera

This phone comes with a front and rear camera. On the front, it has a 2MP camera while the rear one is a 10MP. It also has LED flash. While 10MP may seem small compared to other phones, the Moto X is the first phone to make use of the clear pixel technology, which allows the camera to soak in more light.


From an initial look, it is easy to judge that the performance of this phone is not something unique. This phone runs on 1.7GHz Krait Dual-Core Snapdragon processor. It seems absurd since most phones released in 2013 use a quad-core processor. You will notice the difference in the time it takes to open programs and applications. It comes with 2GB of RAM giving the phone ample room to multitask. The battery life goes up to 14 hours on a busy day and can last longer when on battery saver.


This is where the Moto X phone thrives. The phone comes with the ‘always on’ sensors which allow for voice commands. This is ideal since you can still send commands to your Moto X phone even when you are a reasonable distance from your phone. This is a good feature for the times when you are too preoccupied to complete tasks on your phone by hand.

Motorola Connect is also a great feature. It allows you to connect your phone to your PC through a chrome extension. Therefore, you can respond to calls and messages from your desktop. It also comes with the Motorola Assist feature which can be used to create settings when driving, sleeping or in meetings.


The Moto X is available for $401.623 in the US and £234.84 in the UK. This is quite pricey for this gadget considering it does not compare in most specs to some cheaper phones. However, it is a good buy if you are looking for a customizable gadget, considering there is none other of its kind in this respect.

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