Motorola Droid X2 vs Motorola Droid X – Comparison of Features and Specs

The release of Motorola Droid smartphone approximately a year ago comprising of 1GHz OMAP 3630 processor and running on a Snapdragon QSD8250 1GHz operating system made it a worthy opponent to other smartphones in the market.

The Droid X is a worthy successor to the original Droid smartphone released by Motorola. However, things have changed since then. The time has come for the Tegra 2 packed Motorola Droid X2 to replace its predecessor, the Droid X.


Motorola has a very peculiar approach when it comes to its smartphones design. The successor to the Droid X smartphone, the Droid X2 bears similar looks as that of its predecessor. The device is literally similar in terms of shape, size and weight to the Droid X smartphone. If you turn off both the devices and place them next to each other, you would be perplexed about which Droid X is and which device is its successor.


The display provides for the most considerable change between Droid X and Droid X2 devices. The display has been enhanced from a 4.3 inches FWVGA IPS LCD bearing resolutions of 854×480 pixels to a qHD LCD screen bearing resolutions of 960×540 pixels. The X2 comes with better viewing angles and better brightness levels as compared to its predecessor.


When the Droid X smartphone was released, the device was running on a version 2.1 Android operating system. At that time, the Android version 2.2 was considered superior. However, the Droid X2 smartphone comes equipped with a version 2.2.2 Android operating system. In the present times, the version 2.3 Android OS is reigning supreme. Ironically, the Droid X is running on version 2.3.3 Android OS at present. The smartphone was lagging behind a year ago and has met with the same fate now.


The Droid X2 comprises of a Tegra 2 1GHz SoC comprising of two Cortex-A9 processors and a ULP GeForce graphic processor by NVIDIA. The Droid X comprises of a 1GHz OMAP 3630 processor.

Battery Life

The Droid X2 comes with a similar battery as that of the Droid X smartphone, the BH5X 5.6 Whr battery unit. In case you owned a Droid X device and if you are planning to replace the handset with Droid X2, you can continue using the battery.

The Droid X2 comes with a dual core processor and high-resolution screen that is the norm for a successful smartphone today. The Droid X2 passes these two criterions with ease.


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