Minecraft Xbox One – Improvements, Tips and Tricks

Minecraft is a type of game (a sandbox indie) created originally by a Swedish programmer, Markus “Notch” Pearson.

It was later on developed and published by Mojang. We are now waiting for the Minecraft Xbox One edition that is set for release in August.

Anticipated Minecraft Tips and Tricks

1. You are allowed to place blocks beside a torch by floating over the torch till you can see a grid box – on the side of the grid box of the torch, right click while you have a block in your hand. This will automatically place the block beside the torch. When it comes to saving resources and crossing lava pools, this tip is very helpful.

2. Place the torches on crafting tables and furnaces – ensure that you have a block that is transparent behind your crafting table or furnace before you start. Remove any solid blocks that are around the furnace or crafting bench if there are any. Target the edge of the transparent blocks that are facing the furnace or crafting bench and right click while holding a torch in your hand. You will see that the torch will place itself magically on the furnace or crafting table.

3. Place the torches under falling gravel, or else the sand will break the gravel for you anytime the gravel falls 2 blocks. Holding a torch in your hand, break the lowest sand block. Place your torch under the sand block quickly as the sand block is breaking. Sit back and watch the torch do the heavy work on your behalf, helping you prevent backaches while you are excavating.

4. Torches can manage to hold any given weight on them. This will allow you to create sandstone free pyramids as well as other fun designs.

5. You are allowed to stack signs on top of other signs, lining them up to create awesome detail in your builds. Just like any other block in Minecraft, the signs have grids.

6. Fire does not affect wooden slabs. Wooden slabs also have a stronger resistance to blasts. This is not the case with wooden planks. This tip is very important, especially if you play on a fire spread enabled server. With this tip, then you need not fret that your wooden slabs will catch fire.

7. You can now hide red stones like never before. This is because red stones can travel through half slabs, and all the red stones are connected except for full blocks on either end.

8. Pressure plates can manage to hold lava and water inside them without spilling them all over.

9. Ladders and signs can stop lava and water. This tip is good for secret underwater rooms, mob spawners and things like that.

10. Ice that is placed under soul sand will make you walk much slower. Soul sand appears as a much smaller block than the rest. With this in mind, you can make very good traps.

These tips will help improve your game play as you explore and build your world.

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