Minecraft Xbox 360 – Updates and Bug Fixes

Minecraft: Xbox 360 is the game version for Xbox 360.

4J studios with Microsoft Studios and Mojang have developed the game. The game was first announced in the year 2011 and released in 2012 at the price of $19.99 for the Xbox Live Arcade. The Xbox 360 edition was released in June 2013 at the same price of $19.99. The game is the same as the version that can be downloaded and the updates are also offered at the same time. On release, the game had all the features present in the PC version.

As of April 2014, the Xbox Version of Minecraft has sold about 12 million copies, which is an astounding record. The total sales of Minecraft across all the various platforms is around 40 million, with 12 million on Xbox 360; 14 million on the PC; 10 million on mobile devices; and 1 million on PS 3.

Skin packs Downloadable

Players can download the Skin Packs produced by 4J Studios. Each of these packs contains 45 skins that players can choose from. The first of these Skin Packs was released in 2012 and the packs contain several characters from other Xbox 360 games, like Halo. The Packs also come with many new designs that have been created by 4J Studios. There are many types of Skin Packs available such as the Spider Man, the Animal Skin packs and so on. The latest pack available in April was the Candy texture pack.

TU 14

The Title Update 14 was launched in April 2014, bringing along with it several new features, whereas the TU 15 is also ready and waiting to be released, fixing all the bugs and issues. TU 14 brings with it features, such as new recipes for a chiseled and a smooth Sandstone along with new Zombie villagers and mobs. Terrain generation for desert temples and deserts has also been added. Trading with villagers is now possible. The Anvil interface is also a new feature along with the log placement being sideways. Players can use Arrows for activating wooden buttons or wooden pressure plates. These are just some among the various additional features brought in by TU 14.

Buying the Game on Xbox One

Players now playing on the Xbox 360 and who are planning to buy the game on the Xbox One will not lose any of their worlds. The PS3 saves can also be transferred to the PS4 version as well as the Xbox One. Though it has recently been announced that the Minecraft PS4 as well as the Xbox One edition are likely to be released very soon, there are still new patches and updates being offered for the Minecraft Xbox 360.

TU 15

The Title Update 15 did not bring anything new to the game, but 4J Studios mainly focused on removing bugs that had arisen in the Xbox 360 version. There were problems of random damage from falls; slow loading times; audio issues; split screen problems in multiplayer mode and so on. All these problems have been addressed with the TU 15.


Recently, there was a celebration from 4J Studios related to the second debut anniversary of the Live Indie Arcade. This was celebrated with the offer of Birthday related skin packs for those wanting to avail new skins. Minecraft PS3 version 1.06 was also available for download during the end of May, being the TU16 for this version. The latest update offers fixes for the player becoming invisible on respawining and dying. When two players enter the nether gate simultaneously, they used to go invisible. This issue was also fixed. Players were also becoming invisible when teleported, which also received a fix. The Noteblock pitch has been corrected and Mobs dying in the walls has been resolved. Chunks that did not load in the maps have also been resolved.

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