Minecraft PS4 – Hitting PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita with Upgrade Options

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Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Markus Notch Persson.

Later, it was published by Mojang, being released for the desktop in 2009, with a full release in 2011. The Android version was released in the same year, along with an iOS version. Later, in 2012, it was released for Xbox 360 and on PS3, being developed by 4J Studios.

Minecraft for PS4, Sony’s latest gaming console, is still to come and is expected sometime in August this year. Minecraft is also expected to come for Vita and the Xbox One at around the same. However, there are some rumors about what you can expect of this version for the PS4.

Minecraft is one of the most popular world building games from Mojang. Those currently owning the console versions for PS3 or Xbox 360 will be able to access the various upgrades, depending on the platform of their choice.

Bigger Worlds

It has been rumored that the world sizes will be very much bigger for PS4, the new gaming console. The information also says that it is likely that users will have 36 times the amount of space related to flagship construction sites in case of the PS4, when compared to the PS3. The touchpad will also be a new tool in the inventory, as 4J Studios is considering bringing in optional support for the use of the DualShock 4 touchpad for navigating in the menu and for crafting.

Changes and Enhancements

The Minecraft version for the PlayStation 4 or PS4 will bring in an 8-player mode. Up to 4 players will also be hosted through the split screen. Once the game has debuted on the PlayStation 4, it will be followed by many DLCs that are Sony specific. Players will also be able to transfer saves from the Xbox 360 or the PS3 to the PS4. Players currently playing Minecraft on these devices need not worry. They need not start all over again and can continue with their creative steps in the game. When the game is available for the PS4 and the Xbox One, players will be able to upgrade their game from the digital versions by making a payment of $4.99. However, players who wish to continue with their PS3 versions of the game can access the Vita version without making any payment.

Touchpad Features

The DualShock 4 unique features will be used in the PS4 edition. This will include the Share button and the touchpad features, according to Owen Hill, the chief word officer from Mojang. All the menus can be navigated and crafted by the use of the touchpad. Experiences can be shared and streamed with the built in social features of the PS4. All these features are totally optional, so the user can continue with the previous features. The four players split screen allows a maximum of 8 players to join the game online. Out of these 8 players, 4 can join from one PS4.

Minecraft for PlayStation 4 will be available at $19.99 and will have much bigger worlds. It will also include more draw distance, when compared with the PS3 and the PS Vita versions. There are no specific dates announced as yet, but it will surely be coming in the next few months. According to Owen Hill of Mojang, the developers are planning to release the PS4 and the Vita version in the third quarter of the year. They do not want to provide specific dates, for fear of disappointing avid gamers who are looking forward to the release. More information will also be available regarding cross buys and upgrade options for the game in different platforms.

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