Minecraft Pocket Edition – Top Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

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This article will cover the basic controls, mode selection and other things that you will need to know when you start playing Minecraft on the Pocket Edition.

Buying Minecraft

Minecraft on Android Market and App store will cost you 6.99 dollars. However, there is a demo version which is free, where you can create buildings, add blocks and kill zombies like in the full version of the game. But for the most complete and updated game version, you will want to get the full version of the game.

Create a World

To create a world, go to the game and click on Play. After that, tap on the “New” button which is located on the top right corner of the screen. You can even enter a seed if you know one. The game has two game modes: Survival Mode and Creative Mode.

In Survival Mode you will have to kill monsters, create a house, collect items, etc.

In Creative Mode you can just create unlimited blocks and items while not being bugged by monsters. You can even fly when using this mode and this is the best mode when you just want to start a world project.

Getting used with the controls

Jump – Middle button
Left – Left button
Right – Right button
Forward – Top Button
Backwards – Bottom Button
Fly (can be used only in creative mode) – To start flying, just double tap on the Middle button, and to get higher, hold the Middle button.
Smash blocks – Hold down on the object you want to destroy
Killing monsters – tap on the monster

Starting the game


In order to craft weapons, blocks or tools you will need a crafting table. The crafting tables can be created with 4 wooden planks which are taken from trees.

Build a house

Find a large spot where you can build a house. There are many ways to build a house and many blocks can be used when creating one. First, make a shelter on your first night by building a wood/stone hut or by just digging a hole in the ground.

Smelting in Minecraft

To smelt in Minecraft you will need to craft a furnace, which will require 8 cobblestones that can be obtained by taking down stone with a pickaxe. Keep in mind that no other tool will work by doing this.


To mine, you will need at least a pickaxe and torches. However, if you want to be well prepared, then you will need a pickaxe, 2 buckets, shovel, food, a sword, and at least 32 cobblestones. To mine well, you will need to make steps down underground, where you will find iron ore, redstones, diamonds, gold etc. Keep your eyes on the lava, because as you go deeper, you might get on it, and you will die if you stay too long in it.

Preparing for the night

Keep in mind that monsters can’t climb, so a good strategy is to craft ladders and climb a tree. You want to have your sword ready until the night comes, so you can fight monsters when they appear. A good sword you can start with is a stone sword but you will want to end up having a Diamond sword which will take a monster down very fast.

Creating Projects

When you get used to smelting, crafting and to the controls, you will feel that you are ready to create projects. We advice you to create them on “creative mode”, because there you will have all the materials you will need. In Minecraft you can create anything, from a simple car to a spaceship.

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