Minecraft Pocket Edition Review – Mini Walkthroughs

It is now possible to play Minecraft on your mobile device. This is because of the availability of the Minecraft Pocket Edition. This game comes with the same basic game plot – the placing and destroying blocks. However, there are slight changes in the controls which have been customized for play, on smartphones. You can place a block by pressing on the screen, while holding down the button, destroys the block. The controls for the Pocket Edition allow you to level mountains and create huge edifices.

Minecraft Pocket Edition in Alpha Edition

Even though the Minecraft Pocket Edition is available in alpha, it can be downloaded from different app stores. There are a few differences in game play on Android devices. The main difference between the original Minecraft game and the Pocket Edition is that the Pocket Edition comes with only the limited creative mode where you come into contact with limited monsters, danger or infinite resources. In this edition, you get unlimited wool from the beginning and hence you do not need to breed sheep to get wool. Some people prefer the Pocket Edition mode, while others prefer the original edition

How the Game Works

The Minecraft world is made up of dirt cubes, sand, stone as well as many other materials. The blocks are very colorful, memorable and very distinct, which is made possible by the use of simple textures. What makes this game great is the ability it offers, for you to use your imagination and creativity to rebuild the world into whatever you want. You can create a sky bridge, a seaside home and any other creation possible. Minecraft offers a privilege that is rarely seen in games – it comes with freedom.

When playing in survival mode, you are expected to chip and collect each block from an open world. At first, it will feel tedious, but with time it becomes the basis of the game rewarding play. You are supposed to gather and transport all pieces on your own, which gives you a sense of ownership of whatever you create.

When nighttime comes, the bad guys in Minecraft come to haunt you. These bad guys are dangerous and scary and may torment you for an hour or so. The time the bad guys torment you for, reduces, once you gather all you need, to keep them at bay. As your appetite for building bigger structures grows, you find yourself going underground where the bad guys are harder to defeat. The amount of danger you find yourself in, depends on how far you are from your base – this keeps the game entertaining and tense.

The Downside

As mentioned above, the Pocket Edition only comes with a fraction of the number of enemies you find on the original Minecraft version, thus making the experience less dangerous and less thrilling. You can get rid of enemies by simply running backwards, while swinging a weapon. This makes it easy for you to survive, since you do not have to fight with flying enemies using touch controls.

The Pocket Edition also feels small, thus limiting you on how far you can build. The PC version offers a wider area, which allows you to conquer more territories. In the Pocket Edition, walking too far from your base brings you to an invisible window which is irritating.

Even so, the Minecraft Pocket Edition is still fun and is a good way of satisfying your urge to play when you are away from your PC.

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