Minecraft Partners Up With Lego and Snapshot 14w30c is Released

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Minecraft has quite a lot on its plate with all the platforms it has to keep under watch, therefore fixing bug issues with the PSP Vita, XBOX One and PS4 editions of the game can take up a lot of the developer’s time. In the meantime, the snapshot codenamed Snapshot 14w30c, which is for Minecraft 1.80, has been released, and promises further bug fixes.

The guys over at Mojang said on their website that this snapshot will be focusing on optimization, although a little bit of bug fixing is also present. Some of the changes brought by this snapshot include:

  1. More banners
  2. New heads available in Survival Mode ( Creeper, Skeleton and Zombie)
  3. Major rendering optimization
  4. Problems such as lightning bugs have been repaired
  5. Crafting recipe changes

Mojang encourages Minecraft players to report any found bugs.

Lego + Minecraft sets, set for Autumn release

The top physical building game, Lego, which has been around for a very long time, and has been a symbol of childhood for so many, partnered up with Minecraft, which is the top building game in cyber-space, and currently the craze of a generation. Although Lego has already released smaller sets with Minecraft, they plan on releasing full scale sets. The objective set in mind by Mojang here, is to get people to play with Lego the same way they play in-game, and that is constantly tearing things down, just to rebuild them. The Minecraft community has also been involved in the project, as they had a say in the final appearance of the characters. Mojang has been, however, very careful  about their licensing  and partnerships in the Minecraft franchise.



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