Minecraft Mashed With Civilization, CivCraft Is Born

Anything is possible in the virtual world and Minecraft has now proved that everything is possible, with the right team and some amount of time.

A team of modders, who are always on the prowl, to customize the game to their bidding, have now surpassed their own benchmark, by coming up with a completely new game which they fondly call as the Civilization Craft. The name rightfully justifies the content, because players will be able to play an entire game of Civilization, in the Minecraft world. A detailed list of images and game play features have been posted in the imgur website while there is a dedicated subreddit for the same, on the Reddit website, where you could get more help from the community.

Players, who are lost, trying to install the mod or those who need help in getting it run, will find the community helpful, as there will be plenty of people ready to answer their queries. The game on the PC platform is notoriously known for creating such mods that have the capability to entirely change the game and there are people who even earn by selling these special items that they create. Recently, Mojang even had a strict rule on creating power-ups and add-ons, which could change the game in one’s favor and prevented players from selling such items. The debate is still under progress and an amicable decision is expected to be arrived upon soon.

CivCraft – Build As You Mine

‘Build as you mine’ is the theory behind this mod which is fondly referred to as CivCraft. The mod had an official release codenamed 1.0 in the month of May and has been gaining popularity ever since. It is an open source server side modification which creates an entirely new experience for Minecraft players. If you are entirely new to the scenario and have never heard about the game, you should know this. The game looks more like a first person shooter, but you won’t have a gun in your hand all the time; because, it is all about mining and building to survive in the wilderness. But, with the new mod, the perspective of the game has been changed with a top down perspective, as you see in other strategy games.

It’s not Minecraft Anymore

The official blog in the mod’s page reads, the developers believe that creativity when combined with a goal oriented progress will encourage players to keep playing until they reach the end. The resources that they earn through hard work are now used in an entirely new application, where trading is the heart of the nation and survival economy is something that everyone should learn. We wanted to use the creative spirit found in Minecraft in a more challenging, goal driven environment, where players will feel glad with their accomplishments and the mod helped us achieve it. Some of the regular components found in the game, such as gold armor and diamonds have been removed. Players will not be able to spawn and there’s no villager trading system, because it could affect the economy in the Civilization environment. Check out CivCraft on its official website.

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