Minecraft 1.8 Update – 14w30c Comes With Bug Fixes, Graphics Update and More Options

Mojang released yesterday a new preview of the Minecraft 1.8 Update and we noticed in the snapshot 14w30c some new decorative banners, fixes for some issues detected in the Minecraft snapshot 14w30a/14w30b, and some performance optimizations.

Recently, Mojang released the 1.8 Update, introducing a new feature for the game, along with the two versions 14w30a and 14w30b. The new experimental build, 14w30c, focuses on fixing some nasty bugs and adds some banners for the players to decorate their worlds, but the good news is that Mojang is preparing to release the third new build of the game which will come with other surprises.

Besides the possibility to expand the list of banners, the new version of the Minecraft 1.8 Update fixed two annoying bugs – the one that caused mobs to spawn with a player head + the one that cause the Minecraft entities to rend weird when they were using player heads. This snapshot displays also many game crashes that weren’t patched in 14w30a and 14w30b, but the 14w30c version doesn’t really say much about the performance optimizations that have been implemented, although the programmer Nathan “Dinnerbone” Adams assured us that these changes will be fantastical for those gamers who use older computers to play the game.

So, here are some of the changes for the Minecraft snapshot 14w30c:

  •  Banners and more patterns and optimizations
  •  Fixed a lot of bugs, crashes and the broken sunflower model – had a missing upper block part of stem.
  •  “According to sources, Union Jack is now 18% easier to make!”
  •  Some terminology has been changed
  •  When looking down, the textures were glitching out. Now, this bug has been fixed
  •  In some angles, the chunks weren’t rendered.
  •  Before, the low resolution resource packs caused the screen to flicker. This problem has been solved, also.
  •  In certain Biomes, some trees were not generating right. The patch fixed this glitch also.
  •  In F5 mode, the chunks were not rendered behind the player.
  •  The LightningBolt wasn’t listed for/summon tab-complete.
  •  Fixed: texture flickering, the terrain that was behaving weird near the world edge and the game is no longer crashing when loading ocean.
  •  Fixed: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException, java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException @ java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck.

And the list goes on.

If you have found another bug, feel free to contact Scott on his twitter account.

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