Know How to Score Goals Like a Pro in FIFA 14

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FIFA 14 is the newest release from the leading soccer gaming franchise EA Sports.

This latest release comes with more realism, more movements, and more responsive gameplay that gives you a realistic gaming experience. Follow the tips mentioned in this article and you will soon reach the expert level of pro gameplay in FIFA 14.

The Skills You Need for Scoring

In order to score high, you should pick up your strikers carefully. You should look for a player with higher ratings in a few specific skills, such as finishing, long shots, ball control, shot power etc. You need to take care of a few more skills for increased chances of scoring such as heading accuracy and free kick accuracy. These skills further enhance your possibilities of striking a cool goal and bagging good scores. Players with average high ratings in all these skills will definitely excel in scoring goals in a challenging match. Apart from the skills in players, you need to train yourself for superior controlling skills. For this, you can use a controller instead of using your computer’s keyboard for playing FIFA 14. A branded controller such as XBox 360 controller for PC is a fair choice for fine controlling your players and their actions.

More Skills – More Scoring Opportunities

You can also double the chances of scoring your first goal in FIFA 14 by picking up players specialized in distance shoot, power heads, acrobat, and finesse shots. All these special skills are necessary for outrunning others in FIFA 14. You can also create your own FIFA character and develop his skills by playing in career mode. This is the longest but the surest mode of getting highly rated players out of the blue. Sometimes, you may need to strengthen your defense besides having a strong forward. The players at the defense usually help in creating potential passes that can be easily transformed into goals every time. Next time you play FIFA 14, you should think about this point. You are sure to emerge a big scorer.

The Right Time to Shoot

This is the most challenging decision you have to take in FIFA 14. It is a skill you need to master in identifying the right time to shoot the ball and the right time to go for that victory run!You need a perfect position that is not too far from the goal post. Shooting from the half way mark is a waste and for the beginners. Pro players take a shot from a strategic distance and that too with a clear space in front. You can train yourself in the quick learn mode and see how better you can position yourself for a goal. The angle should look natural and you should avoid the unreal goal angles and acrobat shots when you are playing for the first time. Follow others and you can learn a few more secrets.

Preparing Your Final Shot

Once you have finally reached a good position, do not waste any time and let your opponents take the ball from you. Just hold down the shoot button and aim quickly for the goal. Do not take more time here as you may have a few seconds to aim for the goal. You must release the button as soon as you can as the ball may sky up if you are holding the shoot button for longer time. A perfect blend of controls and your timing finishes up in giving the glorious goal in FIFA 14.

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