Is WhatsApp All Hype and No Substance?

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WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging application that can be used on Android devices, Blackberry, iPhones and Windows phones.

This application uses data or Wi-Fi connection. This means that you have to have either of the above connections to use this application.

WhatsApp is a mix of MSN and BlackBerry messenger. It is more customizable than regular text messages that you can send using your phone. You can only send messages to people on your contact list that have this application. This is at no extra cost unlike regular texting. Of course, you’ll have to cover the data charges, which are negligible in most cases.

How to Use WhatsApp

Why should you spend all your money on text messages when you have a number of applications that offer a freeway for you to communicate? A good example of such an application is WhatsApp, which can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store, on the WhatsApp main website, and on the Android Market Place.

Launching the App

Launch the WhatsApp application from your mobile device and follow the prompts that will appear on your screen so as to create a WhatsApp account that is linked to your phone number. For you to message your friends with ease, allow WhatsApp to sync with your contacts.

Once you are in your account, you will be able to see all the people who are on your contact list and are already using WhatsApp messenger on the favorites tab.

Changing Your Status

You can change your status by clicking on “status” in the horizontal bar at the bottom. Touch the “+” that is at the top right hand side to change the status. You can select a default status or use one that you had previously used from the list that will appear below.

Inviting Friends

If there are friends on your contact list who are not using the WhatsApp application, you can invite them by tapping on the contacts icon that is at the center of the navigation bar. Select a contact by simply clicking, so at to view the details. Tap on “invite” so as to get WhatsApp to send them an invitation text message to download the WhatsApp application.

Starting a Chat Session

Tap on “chats” from the navigation bar so as to start a chat. Touch on the pencil icon that is on the right hand, top most corner and then choose a contact that you want to start a WhatsApp chat with. This will take you to a new window (chat window) where you can be able to type some text.

A single checkmark that appears next to your text means, that the message was sent successfully. Double checkmarks mean that your text message has been delivered on the device of the recipient.


You can opt to change your settings. You can do this by tapping on the settings icon that is in the navigation bar. From here, you can edit your profile picture or name, edit your chat wallpaper, font size, download settings, timestamp, etc. From here, you can also block certain contacts of your choice.

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