Is Tango Safe For Kids?

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The Tango messaging app has over 200 million members and is now valued at a whopping $1billion.

Though it is similar to apps such as WhatsApp, Kakao Talk and WeChat, it has additional features such as video and voice calls that make it stand out from the crowd.

This app enables you to “tango” with as many as 50 people at a go. The app functions the same way as other popular apps with the only difference being that Tango comes with hundreds of features. That explains why it describes itself as being an “all-in-one” app for social networking.

With this messaging app you are able to share videos and pictures, play games, text chat, share music and even make video calls. Having over 200 million users globally, there is a high likelihood that your teen is using this messaging app.

Why Many Teenagers Prefer Using Tango

The answer is simple – Tango is multi-platform. This simply means that this messaging app can be used on different devices. For example, if many of your friends are using Apple devices and you have a Windows or Android phone, you will still be able to chat with your friends using Tango. Some of the messaging apps only work if you are using device compatible Operating Systems.

Tango can be used on Widows phones, tablets, Android phones, PCs and iOS devices. This means that you can communicate via video, text or chat regardless of the OS you are using. That’s not all, Tango also gives you the platform to make group calls and chat, a social feature all teens will enjoy.

Music, Games and So Much More

To fully understand the appeal that Tango has, you will have to use it yourself. When video chatting, you have the option of sending cute animations. You can also play a game when chatting and even share music via spotify, straight from Tango.

Want to send a photo to your friends but would like to change some features first? No problem. Tango has features that make it easy for you to enhance photos you want to send. It also has a cool effects feature you can use when video chatting.

Unlike an adult who only wants a quick and easy way to communicate, young adults and teenagers like to spend more time with their friends even when they are miles apart. The Tango app gives them the platform to do just that.

What about Your Privacy?

Just like other apps, your Tango profile is, by default, public. However, you can always make your Tango profile private by changing the settings. You can also turn the location services off. If you are a parent and your child is using Tango, you can also ensure that these settings are turned off for more privacy and security. This will help prevent random Tango users from finding your kid’s location.

Also, instead of having your device tell Tango your location, you can set your location manually. The good thing is that Tango app does not require you to fill the spots for your birthdates and gender to use the app. You can leave them blank and still use Tango.

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