Is It Safe To Use Viber?

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Viber is one of the most popular free calling and instant messaging service.

It can be used to make free calls to a person located anywhere. If you have contacts who have installed Viber in their phones, you can make free calls to each other. If the contact has not installed Viber, you can still call them but you will have to pay for ViberOut services.

Overall, Viber comes with superior functionality and great features. This makes it a direct competition to other apps of its kind like Line and Skype. Here are some of the things that make Viber popular.

Viber is an app whose popularity is mainly based on its functionality. Though this app still faces major competition from other apps that give the same services, it still has a lot going for it. It has a solid strategy for generating revenue, which makes it possible for it to provide great services and run without the need for ads. Many critics have stated that it needs to improve the quality of video. While that is a fact, the history of Viber shows that it is a company that is always looking to better its services.


This cross-platform app is used on different OS’s, computers and phones. However, it is also available on different platforms and has a robustness and functionality that is identical across all platforms. Normally, the first operating systems to receive Viber upgrades are the Android and iOS versions.

The best part is that Viber can be used to make calls to any other person from any country on earth. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can make HD calls. This functionality will also be launched for people using Windows 8 smartphones soon.

Other Freebies

Other than making free calls and sending text messages, you can also share files using Viber. You have the ability to share images, audio and video files. Viber also comes with a functionality known as stickers. Stickers are graphics that can be used in texts. There are some stickers you can use on your PC for free, but will have to pay if you want to use them with your smartphone. The stickers are reasonably priced and they help to pep up a text message and conversation. This is a unique service that Viber uses to generate revenue. It also makes Viber stand out from other services.


Viber is most popular among smartphone users. It is also available in about 30 languages, including Spanish, English, Russian, Urdu, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew among other languages. However, there have been some concerns regarding Viber’s popularity and its Israeli origins.

The Arab world showed much concern over the use of Viber. However, Viber founder made it clear that this link to Israel had nothing to do with the way Viber functions. He also confirmed that Viber and its developers do not have any agenda. It is thus safe to use Viber even in the Arab world without the fear of privacy intrusion.

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