Is Gmail The Most Recommended Platform?

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When you are looking to opt for an email platform, study the details of the platform and then choose the best one among the options you have.

Many consider Gmail as one of the best email platforms. What makes Gmail such a popular choice? Let us explore the reasons behind its popularity.

Tight Security Just the Way You Want

When you are using an email platform, one of the core aspects to be mindful of is security. It is important to be mindful of security because if your emails are compromised, it can lead to significant problems.

Emails can contain a lot of sensitive information and this is why you need to be sure that the platform you have chosen offers you the best security features. Gmail offers you a two step authentication process, designed to offer you the most befitting levels of security.

You can choose to opt for the two step authentication process and doing this will ensure that you will have to enter the code sent to your mobile every time you login from a different device.

Ample Storage

When choosing an email platform, opt for a platform that will offer you ample storage space. There is no point choosing a platform where you will have to keep deleting emails to make for more space. Gmail is one such an email client where you are not likely to have complains as far as storage space is concerned.

For standard accounts, you get 15 GB of free storage. If you have a corporate or an educational account, you can get 30 GB of free storage. There is an option to extend the free storage even more, if you find the need. You can get 100 GB of extra storage space for merely $1.99 per month.

Extremely Interactive Features

Gmail offers you some of the best interactive features. You have the option of composing two different emails together. At the same time, you also have the option of attaching images in the mail body. Apart from this, you will find that your calendar is synchronized with your email body. If you have dates mentioned in your email, you will find that they will be hyperlinked so you can store them directly in your Google calendar and set a reminder with ease.

It looks like Google paid a lot of attention to ensure that their email platform turned out to be exactly the thing people were looking for. It is no surprise that a lot of corporate houses use Google, as it has simplified a lot of aspects of email communication.

When you are looking for a robust email client, Gmail is definitely the best option of all. Explore these features and sign up for a new account in a couple of minutes.

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