iPhone 6 Top Featured Copied From Galaxy S5 Making It Powerful

For many years Apple, “accused” Samsung for copying the features from the iPhone in order to get a market boost. This might be true, but we remind you four years ago, Steve Jobs said that Apple could make some improvements to beat Android.

At the moment, there is no doubt that Samsung is a leader of innovation and features for Android. For example, Galaxy S5’s fingerprint most likely inspired Apple to make its Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5. However, here are some features that Apple might consider bringing to their upcoming iPhone 6.

1. Quick Settings

On the Galaxy S5, if you long-press a key, you will go to settings, where you can change your Wi-Fi settings etc. All Samsung users love this great feature, but the iPhone doesn’t have it and we think that Apple should try to bring this feature to the upcoming iPhone 6.

2. Water resistance

In our opinion, this feature should be added on all the new phones. Galaxy S5 already has this feature and the phone can function under up to 3 feet under water for about 30 minutes. We think that Apple should consider adding this new feature on the iPhone 6.

3. Getting access faster to the numbers

Another feature that the Galaxy S5 already has is the number key on the keyboard. This way, its users will not bother to press the “123” key in order to get to numbers while entering their password for example. It is expected that Apple will bring this feature to the iPhone 6, even on the “smaller” version of 4.7inches.

4. Auto-completing words

This feature is used by more and more Galaxy S5 users, even if sometimes you might write a totally different word than you wanted to.

5. A better battery

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is well known for its longer battery life and a power saving mode that really works like a charm on this device. There are already rumors that Apple is working on this issue on their new iPhone 6, and they also work on the iOS 8 to not use so much power like the iOS 7 used to.


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