iPhone 6 – Rumors Run Rampant about Sapphire Display and Better Battery

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The much awaited release of the iPhone 6 makes masses search for iPhone 6 previews regularly on various forums.

Until the smartphone is released in the market, all news regarding the launch of the Apple’s latest device would be considered as rumors. As always, Apple has been very secretive with its latest smartphone about to be released. The rumor goes that the iPhone 6 would be coming with state of the art updates and features. The stage is all set for the iPhone 6 to be released in the market. We have also prepared a preview based on two latest rumors circling iPhone 6 release.

Whether iPhone 6 would incorporate Sapphire Display

Apple started to ship sapphire from its newly opened sapphire plant in Arizona to various suppliers in China. This act of the company started the rumors of sapphire panels being used in the upcoming iPhone 6 smartphone. The company is making use of sapphire to cover iPhone 5S camera lens along with the home button. Rumors in the market are that the company would be making use of sapphire in the display of the iPhone 6 smartphone. As per the rumors, sapphire would be replacing presently used Corning Gorilla Glass cover. Sapphire is renowned for its tough physical qualities that make it less prone to scratches and damages.

Rumors run rampant about sapphire being used along with solar panels enabling iPhone 6 to recharge it using sunlight. However, until the real thing is out in the market, all these would be nothing but rumors. One thing is on the cards though; Apple would be making use of sapphire, second hardest substance after diamond, in its products.

iPhone 6 Battery Preview

One major concern about the much-awaited release of the iPhone 6 has been the prospective battery life. Rumors about the iPhone 6 being equipped with a 4.7 inches touchscreen may mean more battery drainage. On-screen time has always been the number one issue for battery life. Depending on the thickness of the iPhone 6 that is again rumored to be ultra thin, speculation run wild that iPhone 6 will not incorporate bigger battery.

Speculations are that the iPhone 6 will incorporate an 1810 mAh battery. Apple has always laid emphasis on keeping the battery life up for multitasking with iOS. However, multitasking has been a drawback for Apple since long. Despite that, a battery of 1810mAh unit for a 4.7 inches display is still considered small for usage. Apple likes to make its products lighter and thinner, but would also like to avoid making big compromises.


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