iPhone 6 Features and Specs Release

Apple’s new flagship is on the horizon.

The rumor mill has been catering us with a notion of where the mobile industry is heading. The much-awaited iPhone 6 is expected to come with enhanced features in terms of software and hardware or both. Apparently, nothing is established as of now and we can do nothing more than making intelligent guesses. When it comes to Apple, the company is very good at keeping secrets with its new release. The much-awaited Apple’s iPhone 6 is no exception at all. The truth will be revealed only when the company pulls the veil and releases the iPhone 6 smartphone in the market.

In case you want to become a part of an early sneak peek into the much-awaited Apple iPhone 6, we have prepared for you a preview of the future iPhone. Therefore, let us cut to the chase and look at it.

Novel Design

Apple Incorporated is renowned for consistency in its attitude, towards the iPhone. This makes it easier to make forecast with respect to the future changes in the iPhone models. One such change is in the design of the iPhone. The company rehashes its smartphones design only once. The iPhone 6 is expected to be visually different from its predecessors to some extent. The rumor goes that the design of the iPhone 6 would be an amalgamation of iPhone Air and the iPod Touch.

Bigger Display and Higher Resolution

Unlike its competitors, Apple does things on its own sweet will. The company does not follow the trends of the industry. However, this time around, there are expected to be some changes with its new flagship release. The big screen is on the cards, making the iPhone 6 device in competition to its Android counterparts. Big screen, means, the device is expected to come with high resolution as well. The expected resolution would be about 960 x 1704 pixels. The number may not be random, but derived from the predictability of the company’s approach, as mentioned earlier.

Thinner Profile

Apple Incorporated, concurring with the entire mobile industry, agrees to the idea that thinner is better. It also means that the new iPhone 6 would be coming in thinner profile than its predecessors. Early rumors suggest a thickness of somewhere between 6.1mm to 7.6mm.

Dust and Water Resistant Feature

The IP certification has become very trendy in the present smartphone arena. It is very likely that the new iPhone 6 would come equipped with IP certified dust and water-resistant feature.

iOS 8

Also predicted, the company is likely to come with its latest iOS update with the iPhone 6 release. The company is expected to line up new apps and features with iOS 8 that would make its debut with iPhone 6.

Enhanced A8 64-bit Processor

Apple Incorporated created quite a commotion when it released iPhone 5S equipped with A7 64-bit processor. The processor is powerful and made quite a mark in the industry. The rumor goes that the A7 chip will most likely become the A8 chip. The company’s focus would be on efficiency with regard to power consumption.


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