iPhone 5C vs Nexus 5 – Specifications and Pricing Compared

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The iPhone 5S is placed so far out of the smartphone league, that it cannot be regarded as a proper competitor for the Nexus 5.

This is especially true in terms of pricing. There is a lot of difference between the two phones, but the difference is substantially reduced when the iPhone 5C is paired up against the Google product.

The iPhone 5C is likely to win the style and design ratings even before you begin getting to know the Nexus 5. This is because this device borrows most of its features from the iPhone 5S. It is only through the use of polycarbonate materials that primary differentiation comes about. The iPhone 5C also comes in a variety of colors, which seem primarily aimed at the youth. The Nexus 5 is no slouch when it comes to quality either, as Google has ensured that it remains one of the top phones in the market. Styling, though, maybe criticized because it lacks the flair of the iPhone 5C.


The Apple device loses out heavily in terms of the display because it offers only a 4 inch screen compared to the 4.95 inch display of the Nexus 5. Previously, Apple used to compensate this disadvantage by ensuring that the iPhone offered more pixels than its competitors. This is not the case anymore because the Nexus 5 comes with a full HD display that is capable of a 50% increase in pixel density compared to the iPhone 5C.


The Apple device also misses out in the memory stakes where both phones offer 32 GB and 16 GB variants depending upon the internal memory. Even though the iPhone 5C comes with a much smaller 8 GB version, it is in no man’s land because Nexus 5 does not come with a similar offering. Both phones are similar in terms of supporting additional memory because there is no slot for an external memory card.


This would have been useful; especially in terms of storing the full HD videos captured using the 8 megapixel camera. Megapixel count of the camera in both phones remains identical, but there are huge differences in the interface. The iPhone has traditionally been very fast to take pictures and this trait remains in the iPhone 5C as well. The Nexus 5 recently received an update to the operating system that vastly boosted the speed of taking pictures, but it still trails the iPhone 5C in this regard.

Feature wise, both phones are similar with aspects like HD, touch focus, and LED flash available as standard. The Nexus 5, though, features optical image stabilization compared to the post processing done using the software on the iPhone 5C.


In order to provide good battery life despite the large display, the Nexus 5 offers a 2300 mAh battery that is good enough to last around 12 hours on a full charge. The iPhone 5C will be able to go for a little bit longer due to its 1510 mAh battery.

The Nexus 5 is priced at $390 compared to the iPhone 5C at $500.

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