iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 – Newest Specs, Price and Features Comparison

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In this comparison, key elements will be covered for both devices, including hardware specifications, RAM memory, operating systems ,and other capabilities such as CPU power. Check below to see which one is has what.

Design and Specs
There is nothing new about the Apple iPhone 5S’s design, as it comes in the same manner as the model before it. It’s measurements and weight, which is only 112 grams, combined with the fact that it is 0.3 inches thick, result in an easy to grip phone, comfortable to hold with one hand. Its measurements are 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches.

Display and Audio
The iPhone 5S comes with a 4.0 inch display , capable of a 640 x 1136 resolution and 326 ppi. The display is backlit and uses IPS LCD technology. It has an amazing color density, despite its not so amazing ppi density. The screen on the 5S manages to be a worthy competitor for any other device in the market. Using the original Apple headphones that come with the device improves the sound quality when listening to music, as if it wasn’t amazing enough already.

There is no doubt that the 8MP camera available on the back of the iPhone S5 is capable of remarkable feats, providing shots of impeccable quality. The cheaper , lower version of the iPhone, the iPhone 5C, also features this 8 MP camera, but that not make it by any means a bad camera. The perfect blend of high end hardware and software results in stunning photos taken on the spot, turning moments into memories at 30 fps, recording at full HD, 1080p.

About 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby time are available through the 5S’s mediocre battery. While it’s not something extraordinary, it has a pretty fair capacity of 1560 mAh that seems to be enough for the Apple device, which, however, improved battery life on this model, compared to the one in earlier version.


Don’t let specifications fool you when comparing the Apple iPhone 5S to other devices in the same price area, because it doesn’t excel in hardware or software, but rather on the perfect combination of the two, making it a strong option to consider for a great multimedia experience.


On Amazon.com, you can buy the 5S for around $700

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