Incredible Google Maps – Offline Usage and Goodies for Bikers

Here’s one of the biggest libraries that lists everything that happened on earth with high definition pictures and Quick facts.

All this and more goodies define none other than the immortal and the most honest travel guide the world has ever seen, Google Maps.

Goodies List

Offline Usage

The endless clichés that surround the fact that all the Smartphone goodies will prove to be worthless when you are lost and left alone at the onset of a shipwreck or plane crash is now finally disproved. Google Maps can show you all the details of your location and information to arm you further. Now, Google Maps comes with the option of saving the maps to your device to enable its users to use them without the internet.

Firstly, in order to avail this, you would need an Android or iOS device. The newer version Google Maps 3 has recently added its iOS support of offline maps. For Android users, the upgrade to Google Maps 8 is necessary. Secondly, type ‘OK Maps’ in the search bar of Google Maps after logging into your Google Account. Save the Map after that and select the desired area after proper zoom in or out. This can help a user to zoom out of an entire city and save the map, which can be later availed by zooming in. However; this requires a little sacrifice on the user’s part; because, if zoomed out too much, the automated disabling message comes through. So make sure to save them in parts as it is still possible to avail bigger area maps with this. Lastly, check this by clicking on the ‘person’ icon that is placed next to the directions in the search bar. The drawback is that there is no information for navigation, routes or traffic details.

Elevation Information

Bikers are often faced with the very simple but important question, that is ‘how much uphill should I go?’ This is now brilliantly added to all the specific regions on Google Maps. Google added specific and necessary information for its bikers a few years ago. This helped the bikers to identify congestions, terrain, ruined roads, blocks and traffic jams. Now it comes with the information of elevation, length of the elevation and the flatness of it. Google Maps accurately shows the number of feet that they will have to tread uphill and the declining feet count for a downhill route.
To avail this exclusive information, click on the directions and set your end and starting point along with tapping the bike icon. In addition to the usual distance and route details, users will now see the elevation details as well. Also, above the route, the feet to climb and feet to decline figures are also listed.

Now Google Maps lists this elevation information only for Web Based Maps and in future it is expected to add it to its mobile application.

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